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The importance of social networking and getting reveiws

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This days it is all about social networking and I invite you to like my pages or write comments  of how well I do as a business and what you have experienced with me at a healing touch I will give you £10 off your next treatment.

This helps me on the google ranking list and to get recognized as an organisation .

If you fancy networking which also helps you on your website and your business just drop us a line to [email protected] and we can exchange business networking.

Google is one big spiders web of network and helps businesses like yours and mine to grow bigger.


Please follow me on and like my page

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Don’t forget that I also teach people hula hoop classes in Brighton and Surrey and I also personally make hula hoops for all occasions.

So if you fancy networking just click on the links.

Thank you for the continued support in making my business work and be a success.

Courses and your discount for 6 months book now!!!!!

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I wrote to you last month about updating my course in deep tissue and adding a new course in Manual Lymphatic drainage.


The course dates have changed so I am going on Deep tissue massage course in convent garden on the 29th August and I will be on the Manual Lymphatic drainage course on the 2nd september.


Don’t forget for a 6 month trial you can book both of this for £20.00 each for 1 hour session start booking your place now by contacting me on 07765531425.