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Manual Lymphatic Drainage

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As you well know from my last blog I was going on a course in Manual Lympahatic Drainage and am pleased to say that I passed and offering you a trial in this for £25 for 1 hour don’t forget to book your place as places are going fast.



Conditions that lymphatic drainage can help with

  • Lymphedema- lymph means fluids around the tissue and edema means swelling
  • It can help your immune system so perfect for this time of year.
  • Pregnancy– Due to the feet ,hands or face swelling during pregnancy lymphatic drainage helps to push this fluid back to the heart, and it is very important to not receive massage until after the first 12 weeks. After this time there are less complication’s that can go wrong during the first few weeks of pregnancy.
  • lymphadenectomy- Removal of the lymph nodes can help after surgery
  •  infections, such as glandular fever,
  •  HIV,
  • lymphoma  is where the cancer starts in the lymph nodes and is a good way of telling if the tumours has spread so  is a biopsy..
  • Tuberculosis
  • Fat removal and cellulite- Having lymphatic drainage massage helps remove waste and toxin from the body perfect way to kick-start any new diet and generally improve the skins conditions.
  • Wrinkles- because you are dealing with the circulation it improves the skins condition.
  • Helps with many more conditions.
  • Improves Scar tissue from traumas to the body.