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Cleanse and detox package coming soon July 2014- £45.00

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It is that time of year where we should start looking after our body’s so treat your self to the ultimate body scrub and Massage to get your body into tip toe shape this summer with the Cleanse and Detox package starting July 2014- September 2014 only for £45.00.

Don’t forget if you fancy getting in shape this summer my classes for hula hoop will also commence July 2014.

see for more details.


fir tree oil- anyone got this annoying cough at the moment???

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I have had this annoying cough after getting laryngitis a few weeks ago and been here for 2 weeks so I am going to try fir tree oil which I have got from china ulei eteric and thought I would share as I have come across people that have this cough to in fact every where you go. There one has been due to cold but it is also good for that.
here is some info on it ….
The Fir Needle Oil which we offer to the clients is used to cure Arthritis…Bronchitis…muscle aches…Rheumatism and Sinusitis…Fir Needle Oil is found to be helpful in colds…cough…and flu…This Fir Needle Oil is widely used by men as it is believed to bring out the masculine attributes in their body…

People often use fir needle oil in aromatherapy due to its properties in treatment of

Diseases of urogenital tract
Liver diseases
Rheumatic aches

Why walk and what to do when your feet hurt??

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In 4 weeks time I will be jetting off to Geneva  to do the tour du mount blanc, which is a circuit that starts of in France I walk to Switzerland then Italy then back to France. A lot of people ask me is it for charity I tell them no it is for fun. May not be fun at the time when my feet hurt.

We all know the importance for doing up to an hour of exercise a day. This has been quiet difficult as a busy massage therapist that travels London and to the south coast. Sometimes I work from 6am-930pm so it has been a case of making sure that at least 3 times a week I take time out and at least a Sunday where I can get in some stomping miles. Biggest concern after the lake district which was 5 days walking over the Easter period, half of what I will be doing on my 7 day hike. BLISTERS ouch!!

But why walk???                                                       

I wanted to talk about sore feet in this blog too because any of us can suffer from the following conditions and I will talk  about the ones listed:

  • Arthritis
  • Bunions
  • Blisters
  • Diabetes
  • sprains and strains
  • Plantar fasciatis
  • ingrown toe nail
  • o edema
  • Verruca
  • and many more conditions


This is to do with genetics in the family. My mother has this and my older sister that has now turned 42 but she had it when she was a child. My mum cause she is inactive suffers my sister is healthy and active and does not suffer as much, so the clue is in that.

  • Keep moving, even tho you are in pain movement is the key think of liquid and imagine it turning into a glue this is what happens to your body in effect.
  • Being over weight does not help and can cause oedema which causes water retention in the feet.
  • Water is a must to keep your body lymphatics working stops you stiffing up.
  • place 2p  coins in each part of the soul of your foot sounds crazy but I know a old gentleman at one of my care homes and he swears by this method. COPPER from the 2p is the key from this read more at -
  • organic Apple cider vinegar I always mention this to patients it does have to be organic. read on here
  • Cherry extract-
  • Massage or acupressure can help reduce pain far better then pain killers get to the route cause, like with any medical condition. It is not just a pamper.
  • Garlic, Tumeric, chillis, fish are well documented read this about Apples as they do contain a natural aspirin


Usually something that we tend to get when we are older. The deformity is not really known or why it happens. How you can help ease a bunion from earlier in your life this is not to say you can’t use this methods now either, now you have your bunion.

  • Walk flat footed as much as possible this corrects your feet that is the reason why latest tec shoes
  • foam or rubber bands between your toes and shoe inserts
  • wearing correct fitted shoes.
  • acupressure and massage help with keeping the foot from seizing up.
  • vitamins A,B,C,E


My favorite one. Caused by incorrect shoes and not toughing your feet up. When I was reading information it was always the thing of boots or trainers.  To my surprise trainers was the answer providing you tough up your ankles 3 mnts prior but walking boots added the padding around the ankles, but trainers lighter. Hedgehog ones.

  • Surgical spirit- helps tough up the skin you don’t want soft skin if planning long trips especially like mine. Obviously when I return I will have to see a podiatrist to get the hard skin removed.
  • Place blister shields in each point of your foot where you are prone to swelling, to be honest this are pain relive or meant to be but why wait until you have a blister????. Compound local pharmacy.
  • Blister sticks to put on feet before walks.
  • Socks are important for long hikes that’s why they cost £20 upward or double up a thin coolmax sock and a linar sock.
  • Keep feet dry. Once you have sweated and your feet are getting wet you have begun the rubbing and heat in your feet so change them asap. Mistake I made running across streams in the lakes.
  • Talcum powder before you walk or Vaseline.
  • Good walking boots or shoes.
  • To cool feet down after a long hike. Make sure you massage them stretch all of your muscles to avoid stiffness. 2 drops of each Peppermint oil, tea tree, chamomile, lavender, eucalyptus, black pepper, olive oil, in a small bottle that you can take through Gatwick off course! This will help to sooth ache feet.


  • People with this condition will likely get diabetes foot. read
  • Give up  Alcohol,smoking, red meat, prevent it. Lifestyle changes weather your border line or Type 2. Type 1 is irreversible remember. start making changes today
  • Diet, exercise and lots of water are good for preventing diabetes and many other health conditions.
  • Massage it is important to keep the feet
  • juniper, black pepper, eucalyptus aromatherapy oils are good for boosting circulation


  • This condition can take longer to heal then a broken bone so it is important to follow the First aid golden rules, Ice, Rest, Elevate, keep on doing the exercises the hospital recommends you to do.
  • To prevent you from getting injury’s you could try a coolmax prosport elasticated support.
  • Massage and acupressure

Plantar Fasciatis

  • Treat this condition like sprains and strains also tendinitis.

Ingrown Toe Nail

  • Prevention is the key.
  • Cut nails regularly straight across.
  • correct socks and correct fitted shoes
  • Infection of the feet maintain good hygiene
  • Where sandals whilst it is painful.


I see this condition quiet a bit in the care homes I work at especially the people that are wheel chair bound or bed. It is due to liquid rushing to the feet from the body. It is usually puffy, swollen around the ankles can look red, can also affect the skin with it being extra dry.

  • Lympatic drainage massage  and Reflexology can help maintain the fluids of the body by pushing on certain points of the body.
  • Drinking fluids such as green tea and water, to reduce the water retention.
  • Movement as much as possible
  • oils and creams to maintain dry skin.

There are different types of odema that should be noted that can be serious ….                                                     


  • Both warts and verrucas are contagious and will spread. so important to wear gloves if treating someone with this condition. It is caused by human papilloma virus HPV
  • Prevention is the key we will talk about feet warts not genital ones but either way like wearing gloves wear protection!”!
  • If you have one and going swimming wear socks for the water
  • Liquid nitrogen is the most effective you can but this in most pharmacy now but if persist see GP.
  • Cotton thread, sounds weird however it cuts of the blood supply leave on for a few days but pull very tightly.
  • Pulmice stone, take of dead skin.



*Remember on most of this foot conditions that have been mentioned please remember take care of your feet you don’t have to wait for this conditions to occur you can start using any of the herbal remedies listed here at any point. Anti inflammatory can be in food and herbs to, water exercise*

Take care and then you will be able to walk 500 miles