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Broken bones or back needs Healing?? read more…

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As you all know I went and done my biggest challenge so far by walking in the Alps for one week and walking from France,Switzerland,Italy and then back to France this was done for up to 8 hours of walking per day, Only downside I came away with injury’s, boo poor me. I have a 3 ribs out of place, 2 have been put back to there correct place due to osteopath treatment, so one is out of place but that is fractured, I also have a hair line fracture under my arm pit and one on my leg which the one on my leg was done on the last day thank god. So even tho the ribs are painful and I done this after day 3 and  did not sleep well overdosed on painkillers but yet I still carried on with the journey, although the leg on the last day would have been a different story. Lol 2 accidents in one week

So all I can do now is rest which is not me I might add but as a massage therapist I know I have to practice what I would say to my clients rest at least for the next 3-6 weeks, But I wanted to share some interesting information which might help my bones heal a lot quicker. I think this might  also help me with my previous injury’s as  I do have sclerosis to my upper back which means it does not move correctly after previous car accidents and originally chipping my bone in my spine. and if you have suffered trauma to the back or your bones read on cause this might help you too.

I will be taking this which I got through my post this morning.

SYMPHYTUM– which helps broken bones rejoin them self and can be useful when pain persists in itself.Adds quicker recovery.

ARNICA– good for bruises and inflammation

BRYONIA– if the area is to painful to be touched.

CALCAREA PHOSPHORICA- encourages blood to the area used if fracture is slow to heal or have cold or numbness to the body.

EUPATORIUM PERFOLIATUM- Used for flu and fever commonly  useful for aching bones and broken bones.

HYPERICUM – Useful for nerve damage and scar tissue.

RUTA GRAVEOLENS- When pain is extreme and the person feels lame and weak.

So this are the basic ingredients I will also be taking ibuprofen regularly as this will reduce the swelling and works best if taken 4 hours. Also I will be eating lots of chilli, apple cider vinegar, turmeric, ginger as this all have anti inflammatory properties. Also I must be aware of breathing expanding my lungs even tho this is difficult i rather have the pain rather then a collapsed lung or chest infection, you should always lie on the side of discomfort sounds weird but I guess it creates more blood, Ice, rest sleep helps with most pain. Calcium, magnesium and not forgetting to exercise this will be gentle stretches. The mistakes people make is not moving and this does help you need to keep the bones moving to prevent stiffening up allow the blood and oxygen to get around the effected area and warm baths with Epsom salts.