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Today’s blog is about connection

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I am teaching a course on Saturday 30th & 31st august in Reiki. (People still welcome to join in as there are still places). But I wanted to make this blog about connection as this will be a connection from the mind, body and soul, friendships will be made, energy will be connected this maybe for good or bad as you release emotions that you have stored up for years. Reiki is about connecting people on many levels and them using it whenever they can.

The word connection has so many different meanings. For example ….

  •  You can connect via the internet, servers, telephone, fax, skype, did I mention the blogs, social media. which are all connected through an energy source.
  • You can use malkalton or British sign language to connect in order to be able to communicate
  • Family, friends, relationships and relationship to yourself but only if you have your own life and don;t  lead theirs is the basis for the following….
  •  You can connect on a Spiritual connection with a person male or female and know that you are gonna be friends for life from that first meeting, it maybe on a spiritual path level where you both think the same and know that your spirits and angels are looking out for you both and it’s what brought you both together or this can be a group spiritual connection where you all are just generally nice people and respect the world around you by looking after it you don’t have to be a hippi, just have an appreciation of life, and be comfortable with what you have got. Can be through meditation, yoga, tantric, reiki, and knowing that you just belong together.
  • Religious connections some people will worship the same and be connected through choice or not.
  • You can connect on a intellect connection this could be finishing each others sentences or you have some idea what they are thinking, How often have you been thinking of someone and within that day or week they ring you or you bump into them, but sometimes pride will stop them doing this through being scared and own self doubts. You will def find when you feel that trust and confidence the inner voice will take over. and you most certainly will have the same topics in conversation to enjoy like talking philosophy or any other topic but you will have an intellect connection.
  • Physical Connection you can feel attracted to someone by there body language, the way they move, and the way they look. Just by giving someone a hug or touching them gives that instant relive like you do when you hurt yourself,  your first reaction will be to hold the wound.
  • Emotional connection ever noticed some people can be happy and you bounce of them, when they are sad you feel sad, when angry, emotional, negative people can transfer onto you. But most of the time you can communicate without words. You think of them and know they are thinking of you.
  • Psychic connection you can foresee the future, for example you know when someone is going to call and you know it is them, your brother or sister is in trouble  or ill
  • Healing connection often I have had people say you have healing hands this is not just through my Reiki but my massage and the power of touch. We are all capable of it we just need to show it through a hug or by being warm and showing intellect.
  • Blood connection usually part of your family but stems from cells and DNA.
  • Soul connection there are two types a soul mate and a soul connection. a soul connection is someone you recognize or think you have seen them somewhere before, a soul mate will often last for life. You can get into the souls being a good friend and knowing when they are down. You see things they don’t. A soul connection maybe be for the time being.
  • Strange connections these can sometimes be good and bad like a magnet pulling you apart or together and it is not exactly a physical or sexual it is something deeper which just can’t be explained but you just know. and you just  know you are meant to cross paths with that person or walk away.
  • Energy connection this is probably the biggest one it connects our water, electricity, the air we breath, the trees, the weather the world, we all have chakras in our body’s that are linked to other physical, emotional, intellect, and spiritual that makes us the humans we are today, and for our body’s to live in harmony. You can interact with people just through the power of thought.

The truth is behind connection and making your friendships, relationships, family, and the relationship to yourself which is important because if any of your chakras are out of balance this can lead to ill health, physical and spiritual problems so always starts from you and within.

The four ones which describe a healthy balance when you meet someone this is taken into all contexts of everyone you meet and that is an Emotional connection, Spiritual, Physical and intellect connection.

If you only have one which is a physical thing of an attraction then you don’t have the importance of the 3 other realms which is spiritual, intellect, and emotional. And would not take much for that  link to break the connection ,  If you have all four of the realms no person would be able to separate and come between that bond between two people.

So the importance of this is if you value yourself ,respect yourself, no you are loved, you can feel it, the connection starts with you. Being healthy, eating right, everything feels all right. No negative thoughts then you are on the right paths.

Then your on the right path to connecting with others and maintaining balances that don’t topple over they are always in the middle. Never know doubt that everything is balanced with intellect,emotional spiritual law of attraction to people and without this we will never loose connection with those that really matter and are here in the present and future.


If you would like to join me in coming together as one, You will learn how to treat yourself and how to treat others with reiki and you will receive a recognized certificate for your public liability insurance so you can use it from the weekend of doing the Reiki one course there are three. But reiki does change the way that we connect  to our minds, body and souls. and those around us,  the way that we live and respect nature.

Everything in life should be done naturally and when it does everything like the ships in our friend/relationships will just be an easy life.

The reiki 5 principles are :-

Just for today:
Don’t get angry.
Don’t worry.
Be grateful.
Work hard.
Be kind to others.



reiki course and hula hoop

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Don’t forget reiki 1 course for beginners 30th august horley not to late to book your place £150 for the weekend for more info or call me on 07765531425

Also don’t forget hoop classes starting in remember if you can’t hoop that is what I am there for to teach you tricks first class is always free and hula hoops will be a valuable to use or to purchase so you can go home an practice practice practice so what you waiting for give me a call to book your place