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I thought I would write about laryngitis  as last week poor me lost my voice completely for a few days and it is returning still sound like a horse tho, but on the plus side at least I have been told it is sexy.

Laryngitis can happen when you have a cold or flu, singing shouting or smoke.

People are at risk if they smoke , inhalation of chemicals, asthma, phenomena or sing and use there vocal cords regularly.

As you age your vocal cords lose the ability to vibrate correctly making you more susceptible to chronic laryngitis.

All you can do is go to the pharmacy get vocal zone you may need a natural antibiotic called throtex also from pharmacy, and all you can do is rest your vocal cords and use a pen and paper to communicate instead.

I must admit I did not get a cold but did wake up to a sore throat and by the next morning my voice had completely gone and am left with a dry cough.

Obviously I did write last year a blog in how to deal with cold and flu.