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Exercises for Lower Back

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How and what is the best way to heal your lower back?.

As massage therapist I know that massage helps by softening the surrounding muscles there are plenty of things you could be trying at home. Not trying to make myself redundant just generally feel you play the biggest role in getting you back to the correct health.

Self massage is quiet important to do whilst you are at home. If you get lower back pain then it is important to massage down the legs.

You can do this in a number of ways.

1. Clench your fist and lean back into your fist and twist your hands to get a deep massage.

2. The quick knot release which I find effective is to get the knuckles and quickly rub. takes the knots out quicker.

3. Medicine ball to release the piriformis muscle you roll about on the ball to make the stretch deeper cross one leg over the other.

4. With the Medicine ball you can do the legs by stretching out the legs.

5. Now if you want to get into the smaller knots you can use a tennis ball.

TIP… If you find a bruised spot/ feeling then you can hold the tennis ball there until the pain dies down usually up to 90 seconds.

Remember using the tennis ball and medicine ball method you can use this on your shoulders or anywhere you can reach whenever you get pain anywhere in your body this applies  to.

6. Stretching getting into Pilates Yoga, Tai Chi are all effective methods for improving the core strength of your tummy muscles which are all good for helping with everyday life and has so many health benefits that govern your body’s organs.

7.Important stretches for lower back are:-

8.Lunges- putting one foot in front of the other making sure the ankle does not go past the ankle. Holding for a minute on each stretch.

9.TICK TOCK- lying on your back with knees bent at a right angle roll from side to side pulling in the tummy muscles as you come back to the centre. do about 15 and pause for a minute on each side. Make sure that you lean your head in the opposite direction.

10.Massage the coccyx- With legs at a right angle. Place hands on both knees and make circular movements.

11.Lie on your knuckles you can do the glutes and slide knuckles from rib cage to hip bones. Place both feet on the ground use crab motion with your shoulders Lift bottom of the ground to give a stretch.

12. Lying on your back bring your head and knees both together to give a child post stretch.

13. Lying on back bring one leg over the other holding both knees to stretch to outer side of the thigh and hip. repeat other side try to hold the each stretch for 30 seconds to 90 seconds.

14.On the front side of your body you do what is called a cobra stretch. with hands at the side of your body lift the upper torso. clenching the buttock’s. 3x hold 30 sec to 90 sec.

15. Still lying on your tummy you are going to clench the buttocks to lift one leg at a time 3×10 30 sec to 90 sec.

16.THE PLANK- hands at shoulder like you are doing a push up feet hip width apart hold 3 x 30 to 90 sec.

17. SIDE PLANK- Lifting the oblique’s elbow on the floor and lifting. You can bend the knees and lift yourself up from the side or you can do the fall plank from your feet lying fully on your side and lifting up.

18. Sitting up right one leg one the floor and one leg bent over the other with the opposite elbow pull your knee across the body and with your left hand twist towards your right. Hold for 90 seconds. Repeat other side.

19. CHILD POSE- forehead touching the ground on your knees like you are praying hands down by your side. Tailbone lifted and breathing deeply for 5 mins.

20- CAT STRETCH- On all fours curl your stomach up and arch your upper back repeat 5 x

21- coming up DOWNWARD FACING DOG- feet hip width apart hands out in front of you imagine wheel borrow. Bend the knees if you have to.

22. Feet on the ground you are going to have your hands at the side and you are going to bend towards the floor. Hold for 2 mins breathing.

23. Slowly think about peeling your spine of the ground each vertebrae at a time using the head to come up last.

24. Squats – Hands in prayer a position raise the hands above the head and bending the knees using the inward breath as your hands in prayer position exhaling lifting the hands to prayer position squatting repeat for 5.

I can guarantee if you self-massage on a daily basis. Get regular massage osteopath treatments, acupuncture, Exercise I kn0ow last thing you want to do, but it will aid your recovery time. Make sure you use cold compress for 10 mins in each spot like with all pain ice treat it as inflammation. Repeat on the hour by alternating heat and cold. Cubofen works well or an alternative route is arnica, symthytum, which can be found in holland and barret. Remember keep moving keep stretching every hour limit the self-massage to 3 x 15 mins if you can. Use breathing technique’s and imagine a white light going into the affected area and healing it from the inside.