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do you suffer from heartburn ? Bad tummy read on …..

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Indigestion/Heartburn/Bad tummy !!!

I have been looking into this subject quiet a lot lately due to having a recent endoscopy a camera down the throat, this month I thought it might have been Ibs, chromes, that kind of thing as the symptoms are the same but it turns out I have a hiatus hernia and suffering from a condition called GERD as well as IBS. Hiatus hernia can be a hereditary condition my mum happens to have this condition to as well as a second hernia which is now the size of a water melon and cannot be treated.

I am writing this blog based on my experiences and how the symptoms of the digestive system are the same and also the medication it is the same family and treated the same. So I will be talking about how you should never leave symptoms that don’t go away with over the counter I left it too long over 6 mnts and I have basically burnt my oesophagus up to the throat due to stomach acid build up. This is due to the GERD (gastroesophageal disease).

Like most heartburn you think probably that curry had must have been spicy, Cheese, alcohol etc. But there are so many conditions that causes you to have a bad gut, heartburn, indigestion and as I say are all treated the same way. This is now the biggest problems we have now due to food we eat and don’t get me wrong everyone has had it but when it becomes chronic of where you have constant tummy ache cramping being sick on bile then it is time to get diagnosed.

Here I will talk about certain stomach complaints and how to treat them naturally to start off with but if you have had chronic and long periods of heartburn then it is time to go down the doctor’s root.  I am on omeprazole which is necessary due to burning the oesophagus but am taking the natural path at the same time. Most symptoms are due to acid build up and change of lifestyle is key and avoiding trigger foods.


Heartburn– burning chest pain often can feel like you are having an heart attack.

REFLUX –  the flowing back of fluid in the body, being sick.

GERD– A condition where the stomach acids leek up into the oesophagus  gullet. Can lead to oesophageal cancer. This is called gerd or gord if you are getting symptoms like heartburn on a daily basis.

ULCERS– stomach ulcers are also known as gastric and peptic ulcers, they are open sores that develop on the stomach lining can occur in the intestine known as duodenal ulcers. Feelings of heartburn not wanting to eat.

STOMACH ACID– A digestive acid in the stomach made of hydrochloric acid. HCI. Interesting fact here take note the stomach produces cells of BICARBONATE , a base, to buffer the fluid, ensuring that it does not become too acidic.

GALLSTONES-  are tiny little pebbles made of cholesterol and bile. If a gallstone has got blocked then the pain can be felt in the upper right abdomen and under the right arm the pain can come on suddenly and requires urgent treatment.

Diverticulitis- A bulging sac that pushes out through the colon. Pressure is felt on the right hand side of the tummy.

APPENDICITIS- starts in the middle of your tummy and within hours the pain on the right hand side is severe. A high temperature as well as all the symptoms for everything listed on here. Medical emergency.

CHRONES- chromes disease is linked to IBS which is an inflammation of the digestive lining. Your stools usually contain blood. Maybe painful in the bowel area. And other symptoms usually get a flare up every now and then.

IBS – Inflammation of the bowel. Is a common disorder and symptoms can be variable? The cause is unknown and there is no test for IBS

DIAHORREA – a sense to have a bowel movement. Often tummy cramps and vomiting. If you have symptoms of dehydration then this is a medical emergency. But diahorrea usually subsides in 2-4 days.

CONSTAPATION- you are considered constipated if you don’t have a bowel movement two or fewer poo’s a week, hard stools or straining.

INDIGESTION-   can be a pain in your upper abdomen usually after eating or drinking.

CANCER – there are more than 200 different types of cancer. Cancer occurs when the cells divide from red blood cells to white blood cells. Cancer starts when one of the cell changes usually we have the right number of cells.

CELIAC- known as coeliac disease- is a problem with certain foods. Such as gluten found in bread, rye, wheat, barley. Eating this food will damage the small intestine which prevents you from absorbing nutrients from other food.

SICKNESS- being sick is the body’s way of rejecting harmful toxins from the stomach that has irritated the gut.

GASTROENTERITIS –  a condition where the stomach and intestine becomes inflamed.  A viral or bacterial infection is the cause of this.

URINARY TRACT INFECTION – usually caused by a burning sensation when passing urine.  Happens more frequently with women than men. This can be diagnosed with thrush and candida, , cystitis.

HIETAL HERNIA- Where the stomach pushes up through a hole in the oesophagus opening in the diaphragm. There are other types of hernia too long to list. You can live with hernia as long as it does not get any bigger. High risk if you get GERD or GORD of getting oesophagus cancer. You must take prescribed medication.

The stomach is very complex and often the first thing you will be diagnosed with if you are not passing blood would be IBS that is providing you have been checked for not having a bacterial infection. To check for all of the above symptoms first urine test, blood test for cancers, bacteria, vitamins celiac etc. Breathe test to check for the bacteria h.pylori. , scan, MRI, endoscopy, colposcopy, etc.

Always get checked if it is persistent don’t just think it is just something because heartburn can be so severe could even be mistaken as a heart attack. So if one test does not show up with any results don’t just be told you have IBS if doctors results don’t show with anything else and your condition continues.


  • Heartburn
  • Acid reflux
  • Tightness in chest
  • Not being able to breath
  • Not wanting to eat
  • Loss of weight
  • Diahorrea /constipation
  • Dizziness
  • Headaches
  • Heart palpitation’s
  • Feelings of heart attack
  • Stomach cramps
  • Panic attacks
  • Heat in chest
  • Vomiting
  • Pain when swallowing
  • Nausea/ vomiting
  • Confusion




The above symptoms can actually be treated the same it starts with looking after your body in the first place. And it all starts from what we put in our mouths from our hands to the food we eat, a tummy bug going around, not washing hands, preparing food.



With heartburn and ingestion you can log onto foodmaps it will help with all conditions.




It is worth having a read of your symptoms found. Click on education, Health & Science, then click on the free program will even give you a free diet to follow.


Please note that taking anti-inflammatory and pharmacy drugs can lead to more health problems, but if like me you have had the problem for a long time you should take the prescribed drug given to you. However from now on I will be keeping to the natural and simple ways to keep my body healthy.


There is a daily exercise you should do is when you get up drink a pint of water, do with lemon and bicarbonate, where you stand on your tip toes and then drop down hard onto feet breath out for 30 seconds quickly.

You tube- hiatal hernia exercise.


Exercise certain exercise should be avoided , sleep, stress, anxiety, alcohol, white fruits and onions ,certain veg, spice, certain seafood , lactose, wheat can play havoc with your digestive system.