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do you want to get better you must help yourself too!!!

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If you want to get better then you must help yourself too!!!

The thing is most of our ailments can be done with really simple basic changes to our lifestyle. I actually myself was diagnosed with sclerosis of the back, was diagnosed with a hiatal hernia and GORD which is reflux.

The reason I am writing this is because sometimes I see people with a range of problems but the reality is you have to help yourself. You can get all the treatments in the world that will help short term of course.

Fact it is about the aftercare of what you should be doing to help yourself, the care that you should be giving yourself on a daily basis. But we don’t and we should because it is simple changes that we all know about, we all hear about, we have the internet to educate our self about.

You see I hear a lot of complaints within my profession I deal with a range of problems from Bad backs, Headaches, fibromyalgia, tinnitus, anxiety, can’t sleep, weight problems,  pregnancy you name it.

Often I will hear that people say they have tried everything to cure most of their conditions but have they really tried everything???  The answer would probably be NO. Because it is not just something that you do when you are experiencing a symptom it is part of doing it EVERYDAY!

The questions I will often ask in my profession as massage therapist would be

How much water do you drink? 

Most people would respond with  I must admit I don’t drink that much”

FACT: Is If you weigh over 12 stone then you must aim to drink 3 ltrs for weight loss. Ideally you should drink 2 ltrs a day tho. (yes coffee tea does include water so is counted as one but ideally the real stuff is better)

How much do your stretch?

“only when I feel the pain or if I exercise I might do for a few seconds of stretching.”

FACT: is you must hold each stretch for  1 minute per body part if you suffer with any pain you should aim the stretch for up to 5 minutes )

What is your diet like?

“I get a take away like most every weekend, but you know what it’s like cooking healthy can be Soooo expensive”

FACT: Get reduced bits go to that section. It’s actually healthy to learn a new skill if you can’t cook. On days you have of cook your week’s meal in one day.    we should be aiming to eat at least 8 different types of vegetables a day  the aim is technically 13 if you get any digestive disorders the more colourful the more beneficial to your health and for certain conditions of the body. This does include spices and herbs as well. If you don’t understand just google it educates yourself. Eating Healthy helps with all sorts of diseases. Can service the recovery or prevent cancers. Body’s function


The recommended walking is 10,000 steps which equals 1 hour Helps maintain and losing weight. However 30 minutes is the guidelines of what you should aim to walk every day.

If your fitter you can do the 15 minute high intensity training (known as HIT)which you should be aiming to get your heart up at least 3 times a week and this is so simple 15 minutes.

I hear you say “There is not enough hours in the day” Well I work 530am till sometimes 6 or up to 8 at night, yeah I don’t want to go out in the cold either but think of it this was you will strengthen your immune system.

FACT: Even if you make every day to do 15 minute HIT which is really good for you.

What are your stress levels like?

“I don’t really get stressed or some will say I get really stressed”

When you look at how long people work the hours they do I ask the question” How much time do you get to yourself?”  Even tho you think you are not stressed the body is taking its toll and is not good for you and is not sustainable long term

we should be having at least 15 minutes of meditation a day ideal.

FACT: The basics is you can do this any time a day breath through your nose the count of 4 inhale through your nose the count of 4 you should be doing this everyday whenever stress starts to kick in. BREATHE!! You can try the yogi breath in through your nose inhale for the count of 4 exhale closing the other nostril as you take a deep breath in.

How much sleep do you get?

“err sometimes I wake up early for work so only get about 5 hours, but sometimes I get problems sleeping”

FACT:- you need 8 hours sleep. No light in the room for at least 1 hour switch of mobiles any light no afternoon naps, drink coffee before 2pm not after. Eat only between day light and night nothing no alcohol after 6pm. Water stop drinking before bedtime. No sugary snacks.

Can’t sleep milky drink do the Breathing 4,7,8 technique breath in for the count of 4. Hold for 7 exhales through your nose the count of 8.

Chamomile tea helps have a bath. Avoid light, write things down that you have to do or things that are bothering you physically tell yourself I am going to sleep now , Goodnight problem.

What makes your pain worse and what makes your pain better?

when I am at my desk when I stretch it helps

FACT: -you need to move about ideally every 15 minutes or stretch whenever you can.  This does help. Breathing into the pain helps.



Basic principles of life.







You have to make time.

The basic of how half of your body’s ailments will get better most of it is thinking differently this is my problem now this is what I am going to do about it. Stress can affect our body’s and minds so we have to work with it.

The exercise the water and diet help with your brain. Breathing is the key to life and can stop stress you must always think about the here and now. Whenever you think about the future stop it! When you think about the past Stop it! Have goals for definite. Make everyday life happen realistic deadline. Don’t put your own stress on.

Stretches you can do whilst you brush your teeth or have a shower.

Dedicate at least 3 times a week of viperous exercise if you can’t do 30 minutes a day. Just don’t make up for it at the weekend over doing it won’t help.

Cooking with lentils, beans, pulses really is not expensive vegetable’s is not expensive and you are aiming to get the most from your diet.

Juice or make into a sauce it all counts.

The thing is life gets tough but doing the right basic principles helps with most ailments to the body and it is what we need to do to help our self’s.

Get a massage at least once a week or fortnight.

Most illness attacks the immune system and that’s why simple changes are so crucial.

We all know this just a case of putting it into your diary or phone and doing what you are meant to be doing.