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How to look after your feet this summer

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How to look after your feet this summer

Our feet carry us around we must look after them.

Let’s start with getting them ready for summer.

Get rid of hard skin the reason behind this you are removing skin in which our feet do not have oil glands so are more prone to verruca’s and corns. Try using a pumice stone you can also try Listerine the mouthwash which is good at keeping the feet from cracks and sores.

Trim back your toe nails but not too much as this can create ingrown toenails.

Dry in between your toes otherwise you can pick up fungal infections.

Moisture remember your feet don’t have the glands to produce their own sweat glands so you must produce the oil for it.

Exercise try not to get overweight as this can cause oedema, diabetes, water retention.

Correct footwear this one is tricky but recommended is being barefoot. If not choose ones with a padded insole to help with the impact of your feet. Sandals make sure you have ones that support the back of the ankle. High heels avoid all together.

Socks it is important to buy expensive socks ones that will protect your feet from sweating and supporting the foot.

Smoking try to reduce as it can cause blood problems and blackening of the skin.

Time on your feet can cause problems with your back and your feet. Standing on them for too long periods can cause planter fasciitis or bunions.

Soak them in Epsom salts if they are painful.

Range of motion circling the feet, flexing, stretching the toes going up onto the tips of toes to the balls of your feet.

Ice to reduce inflammation.

Use a Tennis ball for self massage.