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what to do when we are in pain.

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What to do when we are in pain

5 weeks ago I twisted my pelvis just doing something as silly as shuffling along a washing basket with my foot. The pain was very intensive so much so It stopped my mobility to move and was like a little old lady whose legs was shaking when getting up due to spasms from the l5 (mid back ) down to coccyx. This meant my hips legs, knees were hurting to due to surrounding muscles.

What did I do with this pain and what should you do when you have pain anywhere in the body?

  • Rest as much as possible within the 1st 24 hours
  • Every hour put cold ice on inflamed area for 10 mins in each spot
  • Heat at night time before you go to bed

The next day

  • You should ice before getting up
  • You got to keep moving your body it is like wd40 don’t move you will seize up yes it is painful but it is the best way for rehabilitation keep on moving.
  • Get up every half hour move 5 mins is better then nothing.
  • Every 2 hours stretch look on you tube but my personal favourite which you can sign up for  this is actually what most physios will use let’s face it if you are waiting for the NHS you may be waiting for 6 weeks to 10 weeks just to get seen. The problem you need to do something about it now.
  • Ice every hour for 10 mins
  • Heat alternative every hour
  • Did you know that ice and heat are the best at reducing pain
  • Get yourself a massage, osteopath physio well you can do that yourself.
  • Take over the counter ibuprofen probably better than the doctor’s drugs I can tell you from my previous injury that tramadol, co dydromol, are pain killers which the doctors will give you but they make you sick, keep you awake and do nothing for the pain at all. Why because they are not anti-inflammatory I must admit the over the counter did nothing for me. But Naproxen which is a stronger anti-inflammatory worked well.
  • Remember you do not want to take this painkiller all the time that’s what you will get if you go to the doctors and they are very addictive and mess up your stomachs.
  • So the best things you can do is ice and stretch and keep on moving.
  • You can do self-massage by getting a tennis ball lying on the floor and roll your body over the ball if you find a really tense bit hold the ball there digging your body into it for up to 90 seconds or until you can feel it going down
  • You could try a rolling pin too
  • Acupressure matts are really good lye on them for 10 minutes you can get these from ebay
  • The best ointment I have found that works scientifically ibuprofen gels, deep heat do not do anything to the muscles in changing the way they react to them.
  • However you can use which is brilliant for everything you can rub the oil on painful area seems to be good for arthritis, digestive disorders, and works well as an anti-inflammatory, good for the immune system. Parasites, HPV.
  • Using aromatherapy oils in a base such as grapeseed oil, mix with aromatherapy oils such as chamomile, lavender, ginger, sandalwood, rosemary, eucalyptus, mix well put on directly or can pour some into the bath. Use Epsom salts 2-3 cups also great for many different ailments.
  • You can drink aloe Vera juice if you have a plant take the gel out of the leaves put in a blender you can use oranges, bananas whatever you choose then you have your own aloe Vera drink. You can also take out the gel put in a jar then you can put in fridge use the directly to the pain. Also great for bags under the eyes etc. Many health benefits.
  • Aim to get enough sleep. Rest is very important when you are recovering
  • When sleeping on your side place a pillow in-between your knees. Try to keep the top leg from falling over the bottom leg.
  • If sleeping on your back Place a pillow under your knees you can also put a small rolled up towel under the curve of your back do this when you are driving as well.
  • Try adding flaxseeds, celery, beetroot, green leafy veg, cinnamon, turmeric, chillies, garlic, pineapple, blueberry’s, ginger to your diet all anti -inflammatory ingredient’s. Avoid red meat for a while try and keep with veg and omega 3. Bananas are great for building muscle.
  • Drink plenty of water this is a must keep your muscles hydrated.
  • When you are starting to feel better than Don’t over do It and do not rush. Go gently building up gradually only by 10 minutes extra a day.
  • Swim best form of exercise as takes your body weight.
  • The aim is recovery not getting back to how you were remember that.
  • Breathing exercises


Little and often and slowly build yourself up.