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Why I chose to become a massage therapist and why I might be able to help you

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Why I chose to become a massage therapist and why I might be able to help you!

I become a massage therapist and qualified in 2007. I first started of with the more spiritual stuff in 2004 such as Reiki which I still use in my practice.

I got into the reiki in 2004 due to my car accidents only 5. Had one the following year and I was so interested in the body from this moment onwards. If osteopaths and massage benefit me I was so eager to learn ways in how to help others through my own ailments.  And my career path started from there.

Most people may think that massage won’t help with their condition because it is just a pamper. But people that I treat on a regular basis don’t suffer from there conditions as bad as when I first started treating them.  

Once you injure yourself then you have to maintain your body to prevent your condition from getting any worse. Nothing will ever cure it but will help it in the long term from getting any worse. Which is why after care is so important and listening to the advice because it is not just about me fixing you short term it is about the long term solution the stuff you do in the meantime till you see me again.  

Yes it is about the stretching, forgetting the pain killers and cold compress and heat are sufficient try it don’t just take my word for it there are things you can do to add your recovery.

Did you know that massage can help post sports preventing you from injuries and after sports trauma? Having a massage can help? The reason being is because when you are having massage you are exercising the body and stretching the muscle fibres of the body. Do you suffer from any of the following conditions?

  • Insonimia
  • Stress/depression/ mental disorders
  • Headaches/migraines
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Bad backs
  • Artheritis any type
  • Poor skin
  • Digestive complaints
  • Pregnancy during and getting nearer to giving birth certain points can help baby along

And many more.

 Surprising but massage can help you with most traumas to the body. Just phone up and ask I offer over 15 different treatments and to be fair I combine all of my knowledge to what works and I always say to any new person expect to see an improvement in the first 6 to 10 sessions. But you will usually feel the improvement after one treatment. I always encourage my patients to use the cold compress or heat depending on ailments and regularly. I want you to get well and improve fast.


So what are you waiting for why not book a treatment with me and see how massage will help you.