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Why drink water after a massage and relax

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Why drink water after a massage and relax

During a massage it brings you naturally into a state of relaxation.

It is good for your overall health. When having a massage you are stretching the massage fibres.

It is like you are giving your body exercise hence the reason why some people get  post work out feeling after a treatment some people notice they feel an improvement others it will take them 24 hours to feel the benefits of the massage.

But a hot bath with Epsom salts or a hot water bottle help reduce the pain and swelling.

Which is normal to experience this.

When you are massaging you push the toxins through towards the heart and through the lymph nodes.

People will ask is toxins similar to a knot?

Yes and no.

A toxin can be any waste in your body from the environment, mould, phones,  food any foreign body that your body should not have in it.

A knot is a taught band of muscle that has been overworked and contains the lactic acid of the toxins protein and other bodily waste products.

So the muscle becomes weak and range of motion is limited due to this waste.

So why drink water?

Water will aid with the detoxification of these toxins and lube the myofascial which is a bit like bacon rind that gets stuck to your muscle fibres sticking like glue.

It also aids quicker recovery time and keeps your body moving like wd40 with a hinge.

The body has trigger points throughout and where the muscles have been injured will usually make that particular point hurt. So the therapist will compress the muscles imagine it like a spot that needs to be squeezed so I hold that spot down for 30 seconds to 90 seconds to melt the fatty bacon glue away.

Trigger points allows oxygen and fluids to pass through the inactive point.  People that do stretches and exercise will generally not have trigger points unless they over – do it which is repetitive strain injury and also people that don’t exercise and drink enough or eat the wrong foods.

So drinking water will also help but not as effective as things that we should be doing correctly and the basics Eating well, sleeping, water hydrating the muscles and exercise.

So why do we talk about relaxing after a treatment?

When we talk about relax people think falling asleep however the body due to the Touch of the massage it can be any type of massage deep tissue, Swedish etc will  switch on the parasympathetic nervous system which heals the body whilst you are sleeping and the nervous system is activated during your massage. That is why you feel rejuvenated after a massage and you want the touch to carry on having the relaxation benefits that heal your body and this healing takes around 24 hours. Hence due to the elimination of the toxins can take up to this long. And the reason why us as massage therapist encourage you to drink water and rest.