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What is good for your ailments

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Often I will get asked what is good for my ailments now I can tell you a bit about mine and what has worked for me I am not branding this products, because what works for one may not work for others.

I have a hietal hernia and suffer from GERD (Gastroenteritis esophagus Reflux disease ) I suffer from bad backs after 5 car accidents and arthritis of the hands. I do not take any medication anymore especially for the reflux. Yes I know I am a massage therapist and should not have ailments but I do just like you.

But as a rule I avoid bread, pasta, and potatoes but get the poison in my system once a month. I follow Dr mcdougals diet as much as possible

Everyday I take Diamaceous earth, cap full of apple cider vinegar, cinnamon, and turmeric in water and down it. I am very confident that this has helped all of the above ailments that I mentioned.

In the winter I take oregano Mediterranean oil which Is for the immune but if I have pain anywhere this oil is the best oil that I have used forget shop brought stuff like deep heat etc they do not work Michael mosely from the horizon program also studied deep heat and they have no benefits.

Get as much garlic, ginger in your diet I would say chilli if you don’t suffer from heartburn like me due to its anti-inflammatory.

Also don’t underestimate cold and heat packs if you get pain then ideally you need to use cold throughout the day every 2 hours ice packs, peas then at nightime a bath with Epson salts or hot water bottle.

Stretching there are plenty of you tube videos in regards to your back condition you just got to do them.

Water water water.

Massage does help its no longer a pamper if doing sports like me it is getting to the route course of the problem rather then disguising it with a bottle of dr’s drugs..

Remember everything that I am talking about does not happen over night maintenance and prevention is key.

My favorite potion is the diamaceous earth it is also good for your pets ( also any creepy crawly or wriggly things that includes you) any ailments that we get from cancer,gout,arthritis,heartburn blood pressure the list really does go on Everything basically!…. this stuff is really impressive look it up.Also good for your plants.

But also the other that I have mentioned have unique property’s for your health

So when you say you have tried everything, have you??? The key is it is everyday not just tried it did not work it probably will take 1 month to notice the effects.