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1 month to go Don’t forget your gift vouchers

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  • Can’t think what to buy this year? well look no further get a gift voucher for your loved one’s

Choose 30 minutes = £30.00

1 HOUR £45.00

90 MINUTES £60.00



If you fancy treating yourself choose and save money from the following-

PACKAGE DEAL 1 = £55.00

  • 30 minute facial
  • 30 minute Indian head massage
  • 30 min reiki session

PACKAGE DEAL 2 = £55.00

  • 30 minute reflexology
  • 30 minute back and neck
  • 30 minute acupressure

PACKAGE DEAL 3 = £55.00

  • You choose any treatment for 1 hour and a half

why out of all of my treatments should you try myofascia (MFR)

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First of fascia sounds like a facial right ? well that what I hear when I say I do Myofascia release? No one has really heard of it but I am going to explain to you what it is and how it could benefit you.

So the fascia is what keeps our muscles together bit like the rind of bacon.

The connective tissue (fascia) is in and around the muscles so wraps itself around.

So why choose myofascia release over deep tissue massage or sports massage?

I hear it all the time that yeah I like a firm pressure that way I know it is working no pain no gain.

This depends on the state of your body and what injury’s or ailments you have. So if you have had chronic pain for a while deep tissue actually would not be wise because it would feel better after the treatment but may cause more inflammation and the connective tissues (Fascia) to become more hard then soft. The idea of myofascia it works by targeting on focused stuck tissue that has been like that for a long period of time.

It is so targeted to your trigger points and releasing better then deep tissue due to when doing deep tissue work its like going through a brick wall.

Don’t get me wrong if you are healthy and have not had long term chronic pain then its fine to have sports massage but myofasia works well because it slowly goes into deeper pressure as things are becoming unstuck.

What will you experience in a myofasia treatment?

Generally you will feel like an itching or burning sensation as the fascia is being ripped apart so to speak. No oil is used. range of motion movements used and generally a feeling of complete lightness once the body becomes freer.


So if you would like to experience this treatment please click here MYOFASIA RELEASE 

Winters here how can massage help you?

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Massage is not a pamper it has many health benefits?

Did you know that massage can help with colds and flu?

yes so why not prevent them

your body feels more pain  in the winter

Some people get more depressed  in the winter known as SAD (seasonal effective disorder)

Massage helps by producing happy hormones known as serotonin which is the chemical found in anti depressants

Helps dry skin and circulation

and much more benefits….


I can do fully clothed massage such as Thai massage, chair acupressure or tuina massage.

Also why not indulge in hot stone therapy.

I bring the couch and heated bed and all you have to do is choose your treatment to make winter feel just a bit better.

Don’t forget you can get gift certificates at any time and look on my blogs for deals this Christmas.