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You can say anyone of this affirmations on a daily basis say them as frequently as possible, you don’t have to repeat them all. Remember the point in affirmations are the brain can take on negativity so it is up to you how you change your brain. I mention depression in here but remember you can do this on everything such as confidence, losing weight coming to terms with issues. etc…

Change your thinking habits today, you do not deserve to be the way you are, you only get one shot at life, make it the best one and the one that you deserve.

  • Today I feel great
  • I will achieve my goals
  • I feel love for the world and myself
  • I feel focused
  • Life is great
  • I am feel free from my depression I no longer want it or deserve it and everyday I will get stronger and stronger.
  • If there way one thing I can get from life it would be to be happy so that’s final today that is what I am going to be.
  • Being free from depression,  is the greatest thing ever
  • that’s it from now on all I will think about is good and positive feelings. and I am going to do it for myself, my friends and my family.
  • I am turning into someone that stays positive
  • I will get better I know I will and I know I can
  • I can beat this I know I can
  • I am strong and centered and have the will power to change
  • I know life is improving everyday and I am going to make this changes and follow my goals to happiness.
  • smile in front of a mirror look at yourself even if you are crying at this point and say something silly like silly cow and moo at yourself honestly make your self laugh. smiling helps the brain chemicals release endorphin’s. (Trust me your not being silly in the way you feel but it is however a way of changing your brain to get rid of this mental blocks)
  • I will beat

Always ground your self on a daily basis 3 times a day.

  • Close your eyes
  • have feet firmly on the floor
  • raise arms up to top of head and back down to sides 3 x
  • Place hands into prayer position near the heart
    • Let your awareness go deep into your stomach and breath deeply from there.
    • Imagine that you have roots which go from your base chakra and deep into the earth.
    • Take your awareness to the roots at the soles of your feet or until you feel heavier and as though you are rooted to the earth’s core
    • Image a white light surrounding you .