Are you holding an event this year?Choose massage

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Holding an event this year?


Maybe you have an outdoor event? Yoga, Office party, charity events, Hen do Birthday party, wellness day then look no further as A Healing Touch offers massage to your events. for a 20 Min massage mini sessions Ranges from £15.00 and you can upgrade your time of treatments on your pamper party’s. I also offer Hula hoop workshops.

Choose from:-

Mini Manicures and pedicures.

Mini facials

Mini back neck and shoulder

Mini foot massage

Mini arm and hands massage

Acupressure chair massage


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Save money on your Massage treatments-Horley-surrey

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How can you save money?

By booking a course of treatments

  • Book 5 and get one free = Save £45.00
  • Book 10 treatments up front usually £450 at £45 each = Save £100
  • Use my services every fortnight and you will save £5.00 on every visit
  • Recommend me to a friend and you will get £10.00 off

can’t get no fairer then that why not treat yourself



Treatments on offer

  • Acupressure
  • Aromatherapy
  • Clense and detox
  • Corporate massage
  • Chair massage
  • Facials
  • Deep tissue
  • Face lift massage
  • Indian head massage
  • Manicure and Pedicures
  • Myofasia release
  • Manual Lymphatic drainage
  • Pamper party’s
  • Pregnancy massage
  • Reflexology

Holistic/sports treatments based Horley & mobile

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Get £10.00 off any treatment when you visit my treatment room based in Horley

Treatment room based in Horley

Or I can Bring the spa to the comfort of your own home within 20 miles of Gatwick airport

Massage table,relaxing music, lovely aroma oils

No matter what the conditions/ailments you have I am here to help.

Don’t suffer with bad backs, aches and pains if you need to relax or want your pain managed massage can help with that too.

Treatments on offer
Deep tissue
Indian head
Hot stones
Manual lymphatic drainage
Myofascia release
Mongolian hand foot eye
Thai massage
Sports massage
Chair massage
Pamper /hen partys
Corporate wellness days


30 minutes = £30.00
1 hour =£45.00
90 mins = £60.00

Or Block book
Book 10 treatments usually £450 save £150 = £300
Book 5 treatments get 1 free £225

Look out for special offers on my site…

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Have you heard of Cupping before?

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Cupping horley

Cupping is becoming more used in Britain it maybe a new trend that is about, However cupping has been around since 1500bc and is in one of the oldest medical journals The Ebers Papyrus

Why have I started doing this treatment?

I first started to learn about this treatment over a year ago I have been practicing it on real patients that come into the college based in London and with different complaints. In this time it was my duty to access how the patients was feeling? what the conditions where? How they felt during?any discomfort? etc

what where the benefits of this treatment?

  • There was reports of feeling very relaxed almost like the client could sleep, this has actually been scientifically proven and webMD has some prove in this
  • The massage felt deep to begin with but after say the 5th cup was placed the deepness subsided
  • It did leave bruised marks on the skin but none of them was painful at all
  • Some people claimed it helped them with feeling less anxious
  • There pain was reduced


actual benefits of this treatment?

  • Cellulite- Yes cupping can help due to the extreme blood flow caused through the suction
  • Bad backs and pain – caused by blood flow during massage we want to get the blood flowing as quickly around the body to help with Toxins and waste that is the cause of pain
  • Migraines and Depression- Due to the relaxing benefits of cupping
  • Herpes and acne- Yes cupping can help with the complexion
  • colds- obviously cupping is not used on the face for as long as the back due to the fact that it can leave bruised type marks (Please note the bruises are not painful not how you expect bruises to be)
  • Improves the skin- cupping is great wrinkle zapper same as it improves acne it brings circulation to the skin
  • Fibromyalgia- – Massage always helps with this condition
  • Arthritis- all types
  • High blood pressure- Due to the fact that circulation (systolic blood pressure )- in Hypertension
  • Natural face lift
  • cervical spondylosis.
  • Athletes use this latest runner Michael Pehlps and athlete Alexander Naddour was spotted with the love bite cupping marks it helps really tight muscles
  • bell’s palsy
  • Asthma- helps with circulation
  • Digestive issues
  • insomnia- very relaxing treatment


you mention bruises after the treatment ouch sounds painful, is it?

No is the answer remember when you where growing up you might have got a love bite they was not painful neither is cupping marks left on your skin. It is usually the fact that internal toxins pulled up to the skin

in ancient terms it means 

Skin mark is usually round red to purple in color. … Purplish red cupping mark means severe damp heat. Red cupping mark signifies severe heat. Bluish purple cupping mark indicates severe cold dampness. Cupping mark with dark color means exuberance of the pathogenic qi, a life force

The bruises will go within a week


Is cupping safe?

A full consultation would be carried out like with other treatments, However this treatment you can use unlike some contraindications in Massage and High blood pressure is one of them but yet in Cupping it is  actually the best treatment for people with these conditions


How Many sessions would I need?

Like with Massage it does depend on the complainant you would  notice a difference after the first treatment If you was suffering from chronic long term problems, Like I would say with massage you would need to have weekly sessions at the beginning for approx 10-20 times but no longer wait then two weeks

It is always good practice once you have started to notice you feel better to maintain good health care through massage once every fortnight This stops the knots from forming and your body stands a better chance of healing though regular treatment.


What are the types of cupping do you use?

I use silicone cupping that is done with a manual pump I also use glass cupping where it is dunked in surgical spirit on a cotton ball and flamed into the glass to add suction to the skin


You crazy will I get burned from the heat?

No because I am fully trained and qualified


How much is Cupping?

At A Healing Touch it is £50 but you will get a 1 hour treatment as well as 15 Minutes with the cups on your body or if having the facial rejuvenation less then a few seconds however you will still get a 1 hour and 15 minute treatment


How do I book?

07765531425 or visit my web page on