24 hours and TV

I just want to share this as updating site something i wrote in 2007.

24 Hours and TV
As a society we are becoming more lazy. From shops there is microwave food that is full of fat, salt, sugars and have no nutritional value to them what so ever. We spend an average of 6 hours per night watching TV and complain that we are all putting on weight. Should we be doing something a little bit more proactive and productive. Why not have a TV day on a Sunday only?. You could record all programmed that are good during the week and have one day of television. Sundays after all should be for unwinding before the start of a new week. I am not saying you can’t learn anything from TV but lets face it there is so much rubbish which teaches us bad habits at the same time. Imagine how you or your family could actually have a much more peaceful and educational time together. Get to know one another. To have more family time and be one. Imagine how much calmer a house would be?.

To look after yourself and cook healthy and balanced meals it does not even cost much to make several meals out of healthy stuff and is actually cheaper then processed rubbish that we tend to do when we are bored and watch TV.

You would have more time to walk the dog and go and exercise.

Being out in all kinds of weather helps you to fight disease and it gets you fit and you tend to be less ill. Even if it is cold, raining, sunny what ever go out the body needs fresh air.

Imagine all the things that you have ever wanted to achieve, be done in this 6 hour time consuming gap that most people watch TV for per day. I bet half the nation gets up in the morning to watch the news and then maybe when you get home from work you watch your favorite soaps. If you have sky plus why not just record what you want to watch and do you really need a TV because it takes up too much time and is actually bad for your health. It can make you obese due to long periods of sitting down. Watching TV in the dark is bad for your eye site. By not having one you could save money on the TV licence.

How many times do you hear people say:

“I must start the gym ”.

“I must Look for a job, clean the house, looking after the garden more?, building a veg e patch, meaning to read a book or more, do more meditation, Yoga or start something new”

If only simply there where more hours in a day I think we can agree that this is the case, but it can be the case with simple changes to our everyday life and doing things like a diary and achieve things and goals and do something with all those hours that are accumulated into one whole week. Change your TV habits and your hours in the day. It may not be TV it may just be something else that takes up all this precious time that could be spent having more solitude and time to our self.

You really truly deserve time to do what you want. To be healthy it is a case of life changes and time plays an important role to this. It is about balancing our hectic life’s

If you did not watch TV imagine that you may have more cash in your wallet and when I say this think of all the ads that is just saying buy me NOW.

A recent survey showed that because none of the children’s TV is actually educational that kids could become more of a bully at school and show no interest in there subjects making it harder to understand the real world.

Watching less TV would stop you from being a couch potato and putting on weight you could become more active with Wii fit if you can’t get away from the box.

Watching to much TV shows an increased of boredom and usually means eating the wrong foods and drinking more alcohol.

You would get more sleep helping with behavioral problems, anxiety, and stress.

TV can destroy your sex life rather then be intimate or talking to one another?.

Well people have better marriages if the sex life is good. It is also good for your health. Known as Karma suitra. (kama meaning love and sutra meaning manual).

Makes you more sociable and most people are generally better communicators and have a more group of friends.

Get into Meditation, Yoga, pilates, exercise it is proved medically that it can reduce stress, anxiety, depression disorders due to the intake of oxygen.

Unhappy people watch TV and more happier people read books and achieve things.

Some TV, films, games can promote violence.

Why not learn something from the computer or get a book from your local library to learn something.

If you got rid of your TV all together then you would save on the TV licence bill.

However you choose to divide up your time it is good to maybe make up a diary of things you would like to do for the week. Try to include ways to divide your time, healthy dinners, exercise, to work on a project, to allow yourself sufficient weekends away, your choice. I plan my goals and try to achieve them which gives me positive thinking and a sense of happiness that I have achieved such goal. Your diary can end up being your best friend as it helps you be more structured and organised not only does your work or children come into it you do and having time and space by yourself.

Approx TV use and time
7 days on average 6 hours = 42 hours

a month that is 126 hours

A year = 1386 hours

So think about time and how to manage it because it could make your life’s much less stress free and I have added this because a lot of people actually do spend most of there time in front of a box, I am just asking people to think about things that could make time to hopefully cure illness alongside the treatments I have to offer.

Take the time to have a massage it is your time out and massage has benefits to the psychological well being.