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I wrote to you last month about updating my course in deep tissue and adding a new course in Manual Lymphatic drainage.


The course dates have changed so I am going on Deep tissue massage course in convent garden on the 29th August and I will be on the Manual Lymphatic drainage course on the 2nd september.


Don’t forget for a 6 month trial you can book both of this for £20.00 each for 1 hour session start booking your place now by contacting me on 07765531425.




Updating skills and gaining new Knowledge at A Healing Touch

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At A Healing Touch I am always looking at new ways to improve my services.

So I am pleased that this year 2013 not only am I doing one course but I  am now doing two courses through gateway workshops.

On last month blog I spoke about my course in  Manual Lymphatic drainage

You can read up on Manual Lymphatic drainage by clicking here

Remember you will receive this treatment for £15.00 offer ends December 2013 but remember to book after this date shown below.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage course :- 24th July 2013


The second course in which I am updating my knowledge in Deep tissue massage which will include trigger points and for you to get the best out of your treatment. Suitable for chronic pain and trauma to the body.

If you would like to know more about Deep Tissue Massage please click here

So after the course dates shown below you will receive a treatment for £20.00

Offer ends December 2013

(Prices for this still remain at £40.00 for the hour between now and 2nd September where it will be discounted at £20 after this date. So book now to avoid appointment as I do get busy for this service)

Advance Deep tissue and trigger point Course – 2nd September 2013





Manual Lymphatic drainage massage

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At A Healing Touch, I am always updating my skills so that you can get the best from your treatments as I feel that sometimes not just one treatment works so is always good to combine them. So I am taking myself on a lymphatic drainage massage course at the end of the month with gateway courses.

Lymphatic drainage what is it?

We have lymph nodes in the body and it works like blood flow by sourcing out the good and bad nutrients in our body so it can remove waste and toxins. It is important for the circulation system and the immune systems.  With its clever process it stops harmful fluid from sitting on the tissues. So it does rely on us to eat the right things and have correct nutrients in the body and to exercise. Because it does not have its own pump like the heart that pumps blood around the body you have to keep active in order for the system to work and this is where lymphatic drainage massage can help too. So in a nutshell it is about fluid retention. Yoga can also help with the lymphatic’s and drinking lots of fluids.

Conditions that lymphatic drainage can help with

  • Lymphedema- lymph means fluids around the tissue and edema means swelling.
  • Pregnancy– Due to the feet ,hands or face swelling during pregnancy lymphatic drainage helps to push this fluid back to the heart, and it is very important to not receive massage until after the first 12 weeks. After this time there are less complication’s that can go wrong during the first few weeks of pregnancy.
  • lymphadenectomy- Removal of the lymph nodes can help after surgery
  •  infections, such as glandular fever,
  •  HIV,
  • lymphoma  is where the cancer starts in the lymph nodes and is a good way of telling if the tumours has spread so  is a biopsy..
  • Tuberculosis
  • Fat removal and cellulite- Having lymphatic drainage massage helps remove waste and toxin from the body perfect way to kick-start any new diet and generally improve the skins conditions.
  • Wrinkles- because you are dealing with the circulation it improves the skins condition.
  • Helps with many more conditions.
  • Improves Scar tissue from traumas to the body.

So where are the lymph nodes?

The lymph nodes are spread throughout the body and are commonly found in the abdomen, arms and legs the main nodes are under the clavicle to really get rid of toxins as this is nearest the heart. The whole idea in the treatment is to promote movement like any other massage treatment but the idea is for it to support the immune system and enable the fluid so it can be drained from the lymph nodes and the water has somewhere to go. It is very gentle form of massage always working towards the heart.

As a first time offer I am doing this treatment for only £15 offer ends December 2013 so book your treatment now and help me to learn whilst you benefit from manual lymphatic. Not available until July 2013.

What are painful Knots In your body?

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So if you are feeling pain then you probably have what is known as a knot.

Knots are areas of muscle that is in spasm and are contracting.

You can get them from overstretching or not stretching. The body needs to be stretched in order to function correctly and to have the mobility to move freely without pain or discomfort.

A lack of blood flows to the knotted area.

This is why it is important to stretch during exercise so you can prevent knots.

It is also important to drink water and eat protein as the muscles are made up of protein.

The average body contains between 70-80% of water so it sounds crazy to drink water when we already have so much in there anyway.


So why drink water then?

  • When drinking water it should be noted those 6-8 glasses or 2 ltr is not correct. Why? Because it varies to if you are sick or have been exercising and most importantly your actual weight. You can find out how much on the web.
  • It is not a good idea to drink when you are fir sty because you are already dehydrated by then.
  • Water gives us energy; because we are dehydrated it leads to tiredness, stiff muscles, fatigue, and dizziness.
  • Water helps you lose weight and tones the muscles.
  • Drinking hydrates the skin and after a week or 2 of drinking 2-4 lts a day you will notice a glow to your skin, the reason behind this is it repairs the muscles and produces collagen which helps the repair the major protein structure that helps break down uric acid in the body which maintains the organs too.
  • Cleansing- water helps the body to cleanse it can remove gall stones, helps keep your organs lubricated especially your lungs because breathing in itself causes you to be dehydrated. It can help prevent cancer and other harmful diseases due to the body being flushed out.  It helps remove waste and toxins from our body.
  • We remove these toxins via our Poo, urine and the liver this is how the water works with the liver.
  • Your liver: Your blood enters the liver full of toxins and bacteria and leaves the unwanted pollutants are neutralised in the liver to make them less harmful to the body using a chemical processes or separate pumps and vacuums you could see this as. Some of the chemicals are recycled and the rest are dumped into your excrement in a substance called bile. Your liver is also responsible for many other functions including digesting fats, storing vitamins and energy supplies etc. Water helps the cleansing process.


So what else can I do to get rid of these knots?

  • Pilates and yoga are great for stretching the muscle fibres. Breathing exercises create a better blood flow and oxygen to the muscles.
  • Meditation and breathing exercises helps the diaphragm which helps the Liver. Can help prevent asthma and heart conditions.
  • Take a warm bath or use a sauna frequently.
  • Use cold and heat therapy. Frozen bag of peas or one of those picnics frozen blocks you put in your cool bag. Use for 5-10 minutes in each position Do this frequently treat it as a sprain your muscles are inflamed. Do this as frequently as possibly 3 times a day. With the heat do it just before you go to bed. To be honest heat and cold both do the same thing, they shock the body into breaking the spasm cycle. It shuts down the nerves that trigger the pain warning. If it is a new injury always apply ice only for the first 3 days or more depending on the swelling. (Very important to consider especially on sciatica, sprains, ligaments, breaks.)
  • Exercise I know you are having pain but actually by doing nothing you are seizing up and contracting your body more and restricting the muscles and your organs to repair. Never overdo exercise either.
  • Make sure you stretch hold each muscle group for 1-2 Minutes to allow the muscles to stretch and it helps prevent your skin from losing it elastin and the fibbers can function better and heal. Always have a day of to allow the muscles to gage anything you do triggers a warning of shock to the body.
  • Some vitamins can help please read my other blogs for this.
  • Massage helps a great deal because it is good for breaking down uric acid in the body.
  • Massage helps the activity of certain genes the same way that ibuprofen works on reducing muscle spasms and it lasts longer.
  • Visiting a massage therapist once a week to once a fortnight can help manage the pain and discomfort that you get by eliminating toxins in the body by compressing the muscle helping manage the scar tissue by manipulations to create better blood flow to help the body heal.
  • Acupuncture or acupressure is based on the philosophy that it helps to create better flow that a big line called your meridians and chi help the organs function correctly when each point is pressed on.
  • Trigger therapy and myofasia release when you are talking about knots in the back you are actually talking about the myofasia release trigger points there is no knot involved, the word knot is a word that describes a painful area and because the muscles feel like you don’t know what to do with them bit like a tummy ache. Myofascial derives from the words “myo,” which is Greek for muscle, and “fascia,” which refers to the muscle’s tough outer lining that keeps it in place. Fascia is one of the 3 types of dense connective tissue the others being ligaments and tendons and it extends without interruption from the top of the head to the tip of the toes.
  • What was once healthy fascia is now replaced with a non – elasticated muscle known as scar tissue.  Which with the added cut off, of the blood supply this is why your muscles go into spasm it is finding a way to get through which aggravates the muscle more.

Reasons to book a Myo fascial Treatment?

  • Fascia covers all organs of the body, muscle and fascia cannot be separated.
  • All muscle stretching is myofascial stretching.
  • Myofascial stretching in one area of the body can be felt in and will affect the other body areas.
  • Release of myofascial restrictions can affect other body organs through a release of tension in the whole fascia system.
  • Myofascial release techniques work even though the exact mechanism is not yet fully understood.
  • Lightly contact the fascia with relaxed hands.
  • Slowly stretch the fascia until reaching a barrier/restriction.
  • Maintain a light pressure to stretch the barrier for approximately 3–5 minutes.
  • Prior to release, the therapist will feel a therapeutic pulse (e.g., heat).
  • As the barrier releases, the hand will feel the motion and softening of the tissue.
  • The key is sustained pressure over time.
  • It helps you to relax like no other massage and help the body unwind gentle but very effective removes stuck connective tissue sometimes deep tissue cannot perform this due to the knot being as solid as a rock so having myofascial helps the muscle to relax and your body will twitch with this due the muscles separating and releasing and unwinding naturally.
  • It has been originated by osteopaths but is popular with physiotherapy.


So will my Knots ever go away for good if I have regular treatments?

It does depend on the trauma of the body. Trauma could be something you done years ago even as far back to being a child or car accidents. Stress and exercise can cause the muscles to tighten. Once scar tissue is there and has been there for a while the harder it is to treat. That is not to say that it can’t be managed.

It is not uncommon and often people will say it was a little sore the next day after the massage but then the next day or two it felt fine.   The reason people can feel a bit sore or stiff or even worse the next day is because massage forces the body to remove this stuck tissue and removes toxins and waste back to the immune system and a massage is a workout in itself to the muscles.  So always follow advice and rest after wards and make sure that your muscles are well rehydrated because you lose fluid during this process of elimination, you should also eat a low calorie and sensible diet preferably a Mediterranean diet.

So don’t think your therapist has caused you damage and yes you will have to come back because knots to the body don’t just disappear overnight they can take time to heal and depending on the trauma it can range from anything to 6-10 sessions and sometimes even years and as mentioned chiropractors, osteopaths physiotherapist and massage therapist can only help manage the problem. Sometimes if it is acute then you are best to treat it straight away because if the problem is not dealt with or managed it becomes chronic which could mean time of work, loss of earnings, complete loss of mobility, uncontrollable pain and discomfort and this could result in putting harmful chemicals in the body such as pain killers which just dull the ache not treat the problem and they can be addictive and bad for your organs functions just read the side effects found on the leaflets. It could lead to injections in the muscles or worst case operations.

So massage is not just a pamper it is responsible in the body’s functioning in removing harmful toxins in the body, digestive system, immune system, urinary tract system, kidneys, liver, etc. psychological, mental, body’s repair of muscles, stretching out muscles and decompressing the muscles so they release, You can do this in exercise too but the massage gets to places that no amount of stretching could reach,

Knots are areas of muscle that is in spasm and are contracting.

You can get them from overstretching or not stretching. The body needs to


The Hair

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The best treatment for hair would be to treat yourself to a relaxing Indian Head massage.

Not only does it deal with the arms, shoulders, neck, back and head it also works on stimulating the face and melting away tension from temple points.

Indian head helps stimulate blood flow and eliminates toxins and waste.

Oils are also used during treatment to help with dandruff, psoriasis, and can help with the hair growth. Most of our tension is carried around the neck and shoulders region. So go on treat yourself to this relaxing experience.