5 reasons why you should treat yourself to a massage!

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5 Reasons to book a massageLet’s face it, who doesn’t love a good massage? But did you know that not only is it the best way to unwind after a stressful week, but there are also a variety of ways a massage can help to improve your physical well-being and your mind too – when performed by a fully-qualified, experienced masseuse? We have 5 reasons to help you realise that you should treat yourself to a massage!

Whether your first choice would be an intense sports massage, hot stones, deep tissue or aromatherapy – each has a variety of benefits to help kick start your journey to feeling fresh, young and most importantly healthy.

#1. Relieve feelings of anxiety
Do you regularly feel as though you have the weight of the world on your shoulders? If so, then it really is about time you booked yourself in so you can unwind with an aromatherapy massage treatment. Using a unique blend of oils to help ease tension, you will begin to feel relaxed and rejuvenated in no time.

#2. Ease suffering from painful headaches
Unfortunately, headaches are a part of everyday life for many of us, but guess what? An Indian Head Massage could be just the answer all us ‘sufferers’ have been looking for. Research has shown that this type of treatment will decrease pain from trigger points, loosen muscles attached to the skull and increase blood flow to the areas which need it most.

#3. Increases oxygen flow to the brain
Do you easily lose concentration? Or perhaps you make a habit of forgetting your train of thought mid-conversation? Did you know – research has shown that a relaxing massage can significantly increase the production of endorphins? Also known as your body’s natural “feel good” chemical, whilst also increasing the blood flow to your scalp as well as your oxygen levels.

#4. Treat muscle pain and improves back stiffness
Calling all office workers! A back massage can be fantastic for easing ‘postural stress’ and counteracting the imbalance caused by sitting at a desk for long periods of time. Book yourself in for a 30-minute express treatment today, it could be just the thing you need! Plus, you may finally be able to get rid of those painful back knots also known as ‘fibrous adhesions’.

#5. Actively improve your sleep pattern
You can never have enough sleep – right?
According to CDC, 1 in 3 adults do not get the recommended 7 hours of sleep per night. Whether that’s due to a demanding job, small children or just an unusual sleep pattern – everyone has their reasons. But perhaps a relaxing massage could be just what the doctor ordered?

Do you need help with any of the above? Then choose A Healing Touch today!
Tracy Greaves,  is a fully-qualified, massage therapist with 10+ years of experience within the industry. Tracy is based in Horley, Surrey but also offers mobile appointments to clients in Crawley, Gatwick and other surrounding areas within a 30-mile radius.
Contact Tracy via email [email protected] or phone 07765531425 to book an appointment.

Want to learn massage?

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Want to learn massage? 

At A Healing Touch , Tracy is able to run courses to teach you the basics on certain types of massages from pregnancy to Indian Head Massage.

Not only will the course workshop enable you to learn a new and helpful skill but there Contuining Professional Development (CPD) points to be earnt! This is always a bonus in any line of work as you are showing a commitment to bettering yourself.

During the course we will took various techniques and the methods to carry out the perfect massage. At the end of the course you will also gain a certificate and qualification in your chosen area.

Courses are not run on set dates, so it possible to run the courses when it best for you. We often recommend to complete the courses on weekends giving you a couple of days to work through the course.

If you would like to know more about the courses we run and what it would involve then please Contact Tracy on [email protected] to discuss your requirements and availability to start the course.

If you know someone that wants to learn massage then, we can given offer gift vouchers a perfect Christmas present!

Courses to choose from include:

Current pricing for these courses in £100.


Salon Massage vs Clinical Massage

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Salon Massage vs Clinical Massage

Choosing the best option for you and your body


 Thinking about treating yourself to a massage and unsure on where to go to get it? Let’s set the scene – imagine yourself relaxing on a desert island whilst having fragrant oils massaged into your back – that is what you can expect if you opt for what is referred to as a ‘spa’ or ‘salon’ massage treatment.


In recent years, the introduction of a ‘clinical’ or ‘medical’ massage treatment has been available for those who suffer with direct health problems relating primarily to areas of the back, neck and shoulders.


Now, let’s take a look at the key aspects you should explore before making your decision, from the environment, the treatment options available, key benefits and perhaps most importantly the outcome of a massage treatment at each establishment.


  1. Environment



 Salon or spa – More often than not, the massage therapist will be ultimately focused on creating an atmosphere of relaxation, comfort and luxury through soothing music, essential oils and dimmed lighting. They will also adhere their professional technique to the pressure which works for each individual.


Chiropractic Clinic – This could be seen as more or less, the complete opposite! The chiropractor will usually begin with an intro into what you feel your problem areas are, how best they feel they can treat you, all accompanied with bright lighting, in a ‘doctors surgery’ type room.



  1. Treatment Options



Salon or Spa – A massage therapist will be aware of exactly the type of treatment you would like upon arrival and will ask that you fill out a disclaimer to ensure they are aware of any prominent areas of focus you would like to be worked on and any medical issues you may have. Popular treatment options include; the standard ‘back, neck & shoulder’ massage, indian head massage, aromatherapy and thai massage.


Chiropractic Clinic – Treatments delivered by a chiropractor will be heavily focused on helping to ease pain and discomfort with a clear, set-out plan which may require up to ten separate sessions. Many individuals who play a lot of high-energy sports, have recently had a vehicular accident or are suffering with a particular pain in their upper or lower back, are the most frequent visitors to this type of clinic.


 3-Key differences and benefits


Salon or Spa Massage Medical Massage
Focused on soothing tired, aching muscles Treatment is directed towards a particular problem area
Usually lasts 30-60 minutes May last up to 1 hour
Low/dim lighting with fragrant candles Bright lighting in a clinical setting
One-off sessions are more popular Multiple sessions will be recommended depending on problem area
Results may be more noticeable after your treatment has finished Results are often measurable
Relaxed, welcoming and inviting environment Clean, white (doctors surgery) type treatment rooms
Therapist is focused purely on client satisfaction through providing a treatment which will improve various physical and psychological health issues Payment amount will usually be measured ‘per session’




  1. Outcome


 Salon or Spa – 3 words for you – relaxed, revitalized and refreshed!


If the recipient feels all of the above, the therapist has achieved their own end result and will rely on a positive testimonial/referral to entice others to enjoy a treatment with them. In addition, it is known that many types of salon massage treatments can help with various health issues including; stress and anxiety, IBS, blood circulation and more. You can see a full list of potential benefits here.


Chiropractic Clinic – Focused on measurable outcomes and overall results, the chiropractic will base all their treatments around treating a particular medical problem.


Let’s hope this post has given you all the necessary information to make an informed decision about where to go for your next massage treatment!




Choose a Healing Touch today!

Tracy Greaves, A Healing Touch is a fully-qualified, massage therapist with 10+ years of experience within the industry. Tracy is based in Horley, Surrey but also offers mobile appointments to clients in Crawley, Gatwick and other surrounding areas within a 30-mile radius.

Contact Tracy via email [email protected] or phone 07765531425 to book an appointment.

Saturday Special - Hot Stones Massage for £35

Hot November Massage Deals!

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This November we are offering a number of hot massage deals that you can not refuse!

Feeling the chill and want to warm up? Our first Hot November deal is our indulgent Hot Stone Massage for only £40.

Stones made from volcanic rock are used in a Hot Stones Treatment. The stones are heated in a special heater to around 100 and 130 degrees but cool when placed on the body. The stones are placed onto specific points on the body including on the chakra lines. Others are held by the massage therapist and used to work the muscles. This massage is perfect to warm you up and relax youPamper Parties, Gatwick, Brighton

Our second Hot November Deal is our Pamper Party! Grab a few friends and enjoy 20 minute mini-treatments for only £20! We can come to you, so you can enjoy a glass of something fizzy as well to add that little extra feeling of doing something special for yourself!

Our final Hot November Deal is our Swedish Massage Special! Book a 60 minute Swedish Massage  , either at our treatment room or at your own home and pay only £35 (usual price is £45). A strong Swedish massage will help to break down painful knots and tension along with eliminating toxins from your body. A top to toe treatment that will leave you feeling great!


Please note the Hot StonesSwedish Massage Services, Gatwick & Brighton Massage can only be carried out at our Horley location and is not valid for mobile treatments.

Treat Yourself – It’s Tuesday! Book now for any Tuesday!

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That right every Tuesday, all year round it is ‘Treat Yourself Tuesday’ at A Healing Touch!

In our busy lives we often forget to take the time to look after ourselves and have relax. Having a massage or facial is one way that you take a few moments to look after YOU!

Treat Yourself Tuesday

If you suffer from Chronic pain, fibromyalgia, limited mobility then one of our amazing back and shoulder massages would work wonders on helping relieving some of your pain and also giving yourself a lovely treat in the process!

With the onset of the colder weather your face takes the brunt of the wind, rain and freezing air. A relaxing facial can help reduce inflammation and help to banish those dark shadows from the eyes. Importantly it will help to re-hydrate your skin by putting back moisture which will nourish your complexion.

Get in touch us with now to book any 30 minute treatment on any Tuesday and you will pay only £20 for that treatment! Go on treat yourself its Tuesday!