Corporate massage and wellness days

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More and more company’s these days are offering Massage to there workforce. Wellness days seem to be Quiet popular at the moment. I am so happy they are offering there company team to be a happy one. there are numerous benefits of having on site massage. At a healing touch I offer discounts to businesses because I know how important it is to have treatments. I bring a massage chair where people have 15-20 minutes of beneficial massage in the workplace or they can have it where they can sit at there desks.


  • Helps Detoxification of the body and boosts immune system Improves posture, balance corrects body alignments and resolves blocked energy known as chi, from meridian lines and what is used in acupressure.
  • Increases Productivity.
  • Increase Motivation.
  • Creates A better work environment.
  • Reduces Stress.
  • Can save the organisation money due to the fact so many people this days are of with stress, depression and bad backs.
  • Taking 30 Minutes out helps aid concentration.
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