Depression,Anxiety, Stress related disorders read here…..

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I meet people all the time in my job as a massage therapist , I myself have experienced this which is why I feel it is important to share this Blog I am going to write about Depression, stress and anxiety issues in how you can help yourself.   When I say yourself it is the Brain that we need to look closely at, we need to change this in order to move forward with this condition it can effect many of us in our life’s and it is not just a simple case of pulling yourself together. The brain absorbs information and tells us of our capability’s but we are capable of telling the brain and controlling it. Not the other way around.  For instance I can’t well yes the more you say I can’t you wont but saying the opposite to what the mind is thinking you can and you will and with determined comments helps controls the brain, positive thinking creates positive outcomes, negative thinking creates negative actions and consequences such as ill health I will explain more later on.

But with following these steps you will find your  path and way into finding happiness again. I promise Just got to believe it when you say it  or do it. Keep your self busy by reading up on your condition and taking the advice from them you do want to stop feeling this way after all  don’t you???

What can I do to stop feeling like rubbish??

  • Get a Deep tissue massage it helps with all of these conditions as you may experience muscle tension, headaches, lack of sleep.
  • Get some Reiki  it works on the Mind,body, soul and works as a whole on the body. Works with emotions.
  • Aromatherapy– works by the oils absorbing into the blood stream so you could try geranium, Lavender, calomile, clary stage, melissa, opium, neroloi, basil. my personal favorite is palo  santo
  • You can do acupressure or acupuncture. both are the same just that one works with needles and the acupressure works with thumb and finger pressure to stimulate points in the body back to correct health.
  • Tapping with EMT emotional freedom techniques can help follow this video
  • Watch this video for depression
  • Seek help, Talking is really the best cure for depression there are chat forums such as  you will see that you are not on your own.
  • Try not to worry to much in what other people think if they are true friends they will not judge you. Sometimes tho to stop you worrying if they will tell others or they are thinking you are like this or that prevent it unless you really trust you are you own council or seek help that are trained just to listen while you find the route course of your emotions.
  • as I say,  you are your own council so do take time out to write how you feel on a daily bases.
  • ask your self why do I feel like this?
  • what am I gonna do about it?
  • Give your self goals – this could be simple things such as changing your room around, washing the dishes, going out for walks places you have never been. If you can’t wait to get home and want to be at home give your self a time limit in the outside world on a daily bases and build the time up as the days go along. Trust me being outside is the key and is meditation in itself notice  how beautiful your natural surroundings are. key being stuck in the same four walls is doing you no favors. It can make you feel trapped.
  • Give your self charts of a daily weekly planners  and tick it off as you go along you will feel a sense of achievement.
  • Learn something new, this can be anything I can teach you reiki in which you will then be able to heal yourself and others also you could do this as a business. But generally learn something new. Keep your mind busy. Switch the TV off. Do something different. is a MUST.
  • Learn how to cook something new. You are what you eat and this is a very important moto. Fish, chicken and meat are rich in an amino acid called tyrosine. Tyrosine  boost levels of the brain chemicals helping you to concentrate.
  • Get plenty of fruit and veg, pulses into your diet.
  • You must false yourself to eat even if you don’t feel like it because this will only make you feel worse. If you are depressed because you over eat or don’t eat , get help if you do both of this it can make you even more depressed, write a food diary and menu planner for the week of healthy foods.
  • Horrah Dark chocolate can help with endorphin’s the brains happy hormone.
  • Drinking water helps keep the bones supple and the mind active so if you feel lethargic drink loads. 3l pref a day sounds like a lot. it is to start with and you will pee lots but after a month of doing this your body will adapt to the more consumption of water.
  • Take things such as 5HTP and st johns remedies are great alternatives to antidepressants which the doctors give you, they take about two weeks to kick in, you may well feel suicidal in this time period they also take a lot longer to get out of your system and can cause insomnia. ask you Gp if you can try this natural alternative read more….
  • Tumeric is your number one choice herb for beating depression,stress, anxiety it has the same compound as prozac.
  • Read this about the best spices
  • Try doing things such as exercise, yoga,pilates and tai chi are particularly good.
  • Try meditating breathing exercise really help and has been scientifically proven read this.
  • I have put together a meditation for you to try MEDITATIONS.
  • AFFIRMATIONS– affirmations can help to control the way in which we think and to come out of this negative ways of thinking patterns.
  • QUOTES– Life is to short, If something is getting you down change it philosophies.
  • When ever you feel anxious you could try jumping up and down shaking your body vigorously, putting some music on Holding a crystal or pinching a finger or something use it like a comfort just to remind yourself be happy. no not going through this anymore.
  • Remember there is plenty of help out there and it is yourself and only you can change today.
  • Remember there is always light at the end of the tunnel, where there is an down there is always an up.
  • Never Give up on any of this methods they should be used everyday and can help in everyday life situations.
  • How great do you really want to feel, Imagine how good you feel.
  • Good luck everyone and you can do it.