Did you know I do Facials?

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At A Healing Touch it isn’t all about massages, did you know I do facials as well? Did you know I do facials?

So what is a Facial? 

The definition of a a facial is a beauty treatment for the face! It will usually consist of cleansing, exfoliation and nourishment of the skin to promote and enhance clear and well-hydrated skin.

A facial is the second most popular spa treatment after massage and many people has a treat will book a massage and facial together so that you can enjoy a couple of hours of uninterrupted bliss.

However you should never over do facials and only place to have one once a month or every fortnight.

At A Healing Touch, we only use natural products and we ensure that we match the products used to your skin type and all products are suitable for sensitive skin. For the masks, I use products derived from Fullers Earth. Other products will come from the Neal’s Yard range and my homemade products such as my Green Tea and Sugar scrub.

So what are the benefits of a facial? 

  • It can help reduce inflammation of the skin.
  • Reduce dark shadows from the eyes.
  • Help with acne, blackheads and whiteheads.
  • Cleansing helps remove dead skin cells and deep-cleans the pores to help prevent dull, tired, ageing skin.
  • Rehydrate your skin by putting back moisturise which will nourish your complexion.
  • Having a facial tightens and brightens the skin, making you look younger, gives you firmer skin and a fresher appearance.

If you would like to book a facial then it is so easy to book with us:

Go on and treat yourself to a facial with A Healing Touch!