Did you know massage can help with insomnia

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Some advice insomnia people that can’t get to sleep.

I hear all the time I have tried everything to sleep, But have you tried a continual pattern because that’s what will help the most. A pattern.

  • So every night switch devices, TV off 1 hour before you go to bed.
  • Read in a dim light
  • a bath – low level candels
  • 4,7,8 technique ,  Breath in for 4 hold for 7 breath out for 8 keep on repeating this mantra
  • Ylang Ylang,  Lavender, chamomile, Marjoran  Essential oils or drinking the or also Teas
  • Caffeine cut down on 1 cup a day in mornings
  • Carbohydrates in the lunch time
  • Light diet
  • Most important regular massage can help with sleep problems

Remember keep on persisting even if you did not sleep the night before get up the same time and go to bed the same time repeat repeat. Your body will be programmed eventually within a week

p.s I also know this because insomnia has effected me….(Mostly when stressed so relaxation, meditation, plenty of you tube videos for your condition Just make sure you can’t see the light from your phone etc…..)

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