fir tree oil- anyone got this annoying cough at the moment???

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I have had this annoying cough after getting laryngitis a few weeks ago and been here for 2 weeks so I am going to try fir tree oil which I have got from china ulei eteric and thought I would share as I have come across people that have this cough to in fact every where you go. There one has been due to cold but it is also good for that.
here is some info on it ….
The Fir Needle Oil which we offer to the clients is used to cure Arthritis…Bronchitis…muscle aches…Rheumatism and Sinusitis…Fir Needle Oil is found to be helpful in colds…cough…and flu…This Fir Needle Oil is widely used by men as it is believed to bring out the masculine attributes in their body…

People often use fir needle oil in aromatherapy due to its properties in treatment of

Diseases of urogenital tract
Liver diseases
Rheumatic aches