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  • Light some candles,
  • You can open your eyes at any point
  • have a pen and paper ready to note down any experiences, sensations or messages
  • light some incense especially palo santo,
  • Play relaxing music pref through headphones.
  • pray and Ask for you guides to be a part of this meditation, spirit guides, god, archangels, animal guides and for the good of the universe
  • Do not be disturbed
  • on a daily basis you can even say the affirmations listed in this meditation.


 I would like you to find a comfortable position. You can either do this by sitting or lying down. This is your journey and your journey only. This meditation is designed to release any unwanted negative emotions and to replace them with positive emotions. Do not be disturbed by your surroundings.

Now close your eyes and let’s take a moment to ground ourselves and to concentrate and focus on our breathing patterns.

 Breath slowly and deeply, slowly and deeply and with every out breath you just let go of any tension from within your body. 

Just let go, letting go so you can enjoy this healing process. To begin you need to ground yourself and so I want you to imagine there is a white light running all through your body from your head all the way down your spine and down through your legs and out through the soles of your feet.

Imagine the soles of your feet growing roots and almost as if you are becoming part of a tree. Now I want you to focus your attention on any negative emotions or doubts in your minds. 

 Just for today and this moment in time it is time to put these problems to one side and I want you to place them into an imaginary bubble and imagine them just simply floating away, floating , and floating until they disappear into the clouds above you.

Remember you can come back to these problems at some other point.

 But for now we are going to relax even further by allowing our body’s to relax totally and freely.

 Take some more deep breaths in and out through your nose,

I want you to clench your toes for the count of 3, – 1,2,3, now release, clench your legs 1,2,3 and release. Clench your buttocks and thighs 1,2,3, and release

clench your arms now and release tense your hands into a ball and release every last bit of tension. Now role your neck from side to side. Release.

You should by now be feeling more relaxed and comfortable in your surroundings.

 Now imagine yourself surrounded by a white ball of energy. Scan the body with this energy and breath slowly and deeply.

1- Root chakra- place your hands here

  • I want you to focus your minds and energy on your root chakra, and place you hands on the route chakras as you go up each system.
  • which is located in the pelvic area and at the base of your spine. I want you to imagine the colour red with a vortex whirling and then open it out in such a way that a flower would.

 Open up to this important chakra. You can feel it grounding you as you do so. Imagine you are drawing in positive energy and releasing any emotional discontent and just simply going with the flow, continue to imagine and connect with your feelings, feelings of being secure and stable.

 Go deeper and deeper taking another deep breath as you do so relaxing this state of consciousness.

  • Still focusing on the color RED repeat this affirmations
  • I will not anger nor fear in what I am doing today.
  • I feel safe and grounded.
  • I know I am important.
  • I know I am strong and centered.
  • I will do everything to the best of my ability

 2- Naval- 2inch below colour Orange, place your hands here

I want you to now imagine just 2 inches below your navel, which is known as your sacral center.

The colour is orange, it is for your sense and taste.

Imagine this area just below your navel and imagine it with a vortex of energy and imagine drawing in positive energy and releasing old energy, releasing blocked up emotions.

Open this chakra whirling a vortex of energy and opening up a flower using the colour orange.

 I want you to repeat this affirmations

  • I use my time here today to learn and create new things ,
  • I feel creative and inspired.
  • I feel love for myself.
  • I have respect for myself and others.

 3- Middle of ribcage colour yellow- solar plexus- place your hands here…

I want you to now focus upon an area just 2 inches above your navel which lies in the middle of your ribcage.

I want you to imagine the colour yellow that relates to sight and clarity.

I want you to imagine it with a yellow vortex of the spinning golden sun .

Imagine a flower opening up just below your chest, Continue to connect and you will feel a sense of great control and clarity.

 I want you to repeat this affirmation

  • I have great concentration,
  • I am a powerful soul and human being and I respect myself completely.
  • I am great.
  • I live my life full of courage and confidence.

 As you continue to go deeper and deeper.

4- Heart chakra, seen in the colour green, place your hands here….

You now become aware of your heart chakra that is located in the middle of your chest, the colour is green, it is for love and peace.

I want you to imagine this area of your chest as a whirling vortex of green energy and releasing and just letting go.

Drawing more positive energy through this center. Imagine a green flower opening up and connecting it with passion to all things. Knowing you are in the right direction within your journey, surroundings and achieving great things here to day.

 I want you to repeat these affirmations

  • I love myself unconditionally,
  • I am full of compassion,
  • I will gain knowledge and wisdom
  • My big heart will guide me in the right way for the good of the universe.
  • I give and receive love easily.

 5- throat chakra. seen in the colour blue, place your hands here…

It is the colour blue, imagine this area as a pure light blue colour with a vortex of energy spiraling and whirling around this area,

imagine a flower opening up, through this energy center of the throat chakra.

This blue colour is related to positive expression and clear communication.

 I want you to now repeat this affirmations:

  • I release any frustrations and anxiety that I am feeling.
  • I will communicate clearly and confidently
  • I will express my thoughts and feelings well and with no apprehension nor anxiety.

 6- Third eye- seen in the colour indigo, place your hands here

 You now focus your attention to the 3rd eye which is located in between your eye brows and relates to the light and vision of the colour indigo.

I want you to imagine your 3rd eye with a whirling vortex of energy and imagine an flower opening up in between your eye brows.

You connect with intuition, insight and see things clearly.

Just keep on imagining the colour indigo and connect with this feelings.

I want you to now repeat this affirmations

  • I have great vision and awareness,
  • I am perceptive and have intuition,
  • I remove any dependencies that I have.

 7- Crown chakra, place hands on top of crown , seen in the colour white.

 Now lets move to the last chakra just above your crown chakra located at the top of your head.

It relates to the colour violet.

Imagine a swirling ball of energy at the top of your head, imagine a flower opening up that is the colour violet.

Feeling more and more up lifted and positive, connecting with your wisdom and tranquility,

Now repeat this affirmations

  • I release depression,
  • I am open to higher levels of knowledge,
  • I have wisdom and great understanding.
  • I am aware and am enlightened.

 Now swirl a vortex through all 7 chakras bringing you well and truly into balance and at peace.

 See yourself and surround yourself in a array of rainbows colours and light,

connecting from your root to your crown chakra.

Visualise from the base, intimating the colours red orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet

Closing the flowers one by one and every chakra will feel more energized and balanced.

you will now feel connected to life. You will feel more creative, acccept yourself as you are and who you truly are which is a compassionate and loving being.

You are the greatest and you will continue to feel more and more confident, have strength and courage also a certainty of self belief from within yourself.

This process will continue once you have awoken and you will feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

 Now let’s return to grounding our self for now!

And you need to imagine and feel the soil from the earth as the roots comes out from your feet. Trace a white light up from the soles of your feet to the crown chakra or picture yourself in a massive ball of white golden energy.

 count down from ten slowly by the time you reach number 4 slowly start opening your eyes 3,2,1, fully awake. give your self and stretch and continue listening to your music .

And I want you to slowly awaken and by the number 4 you will open your eyes and become fully awake and alert.

 Once you are ready give yourself a good old shake.