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Pregnancy Massage.


This Month I have been on an updated pregnancy massage course and have new skills to help expecting mums. This type of massage is also suitable for people that maybe experiencing problems in conception or has recently had a baby so if you know anyone that is expecting please forward my site to anyone in need maybe they have just had a baby it can help with post natal  depression.


The difference with this massage is you are lying in a side position with lots of pillows, each side will be treated it is a very gentle and soothing massage to both you and your unborn child.


It should be noted that you should only have massage after 12 weeks which it is then safe to continue massage. So please make sure you tell your practitioner if you are or think you may be pregnant. Having massage early on can be unsafe as there are trigger points in the body that can induce labour or contractions. You can however have facials and manicures but you should still tell your practitioner as aromatherapy oils are used and some are not suitable for pregnancy.


The Benefits of Pregnancy Massage.

  • Massage can help ease stress that the body has to go through when the changes in hormones and as the baby develop
  • The ankles swell during pregnancy and can relive water retention from swollen ankle’s and joints and with more weight on the feet helps relieve pressure.
  • Pressure points in the wrist can be used to control morning sickness.
  • If you want to go into labour and are well over due acupressure points can help this happen.
  • By improving lymph and blood circulation you are helping bring blood and oxygen to the baby.
  • Having your tummy massage helps things such as heartburn, indigestion, the placenta The baby also responds well to the touch and can often kick when this is done, helps them feel at ease.
  • As you grow bigger and it puts more strain on your muscles and joints especially you’re lower back so it is important to take good care of your posture during this stages.
  • Helps break down knots, stiffness, aches and pains.
  • Helps lymph so it can help with a calmer labour when it comes round to it.
  • Having a massage can help relieve stress and emotional stages to you and the baby.
  • You can get more headaches during pregnancy so a soothing massage around the head and face will lift the mood.
  • Reiki can help during pregnancy or for people that are trying.
  • Can help with post natal depression or fears.
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