problems with gut health?

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Did you know I do colon massage which can relax the muscles around the tummy also good for Chromes and IBS.

I have a hernia and Gastrointestinal reflux diesease

the doctors told me to take omeprazole tablets for the rest of my life however me being a  naturalist I had to find out more of what I was putting into my body.

Shock horror these tablets are only meant to be used for 6 weeks like most PPI (Proton pump inhibitors  ) . There is lots of interesting articles describing the dangers of long term. Remember they are safe short term. These drugs work by preventing acid into the stomach however acid is needed to produce to help with calcium in the body without this it leads to magnesium deficient which would make it bad for your bones causing illness such as osteoarthritis and brittle bones due to the lack off.

So I went down the alternative route and I use Diamaceous Earth and its good for other ailments in the body too, plus you can use it on your pets and flowers. Brilliant stuff highly recommend.

You could try bicarbonate of soda as this is all ready found in our body and it is to balance out the acid ph levels in our body bicarbonate starts  of in the small intestine and moves to the pancreas.

Lemons you would think it was acidic but its not it actually alkalized once in the gut.

You want to eat an alkalized diet and this goes for most diseases vegan is key. Avoid meats, processed foods,Over 2 liters of water, bread, Dairy.

There is a Fodmap that lists loads of different things but even tho tomatoes, garlic, onion is listed I am successful with them.

It is trial and error I can recommend looking up Dr Mcdougall where he can help with other conditions.

If you would like to book in for a colon massage then call today. 07765-531-425