Reiki courses

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REIKI COURSES- All courses are certificated ITEC qualifications and recognized by all insurance companies. I am member of the reiki association which allows me to teach within this subject. The course can take place at your home or at a venue if you wish, I also offer 1.1 sessions. After your first degree you can go out and use this in your current treatments are set up as a reiki practitioner. You can use reiki on yourself or friends and family or even your pets.

LEARNING REIKI ONE (What to expect) – 2 day course
This course is designed for new beginners or those that are wishing to learn more about Reiki.
You don’t have to be spiritual or a believe in a faith Reiki is not all about that. Traditionally there are 4 attune ments done on this course. It is done over a two day course. 2 attune ments will be given on day one and two the next day. Treatments are a sacred and special ceremony that bonds the healing energy’s to you.

The benefits

  •  You will learn the authentic history of sui Reiki Ryoho
  • Gain a clear understanding of energy work
  • Feel grounded, balanced and relaxed
  • Learn how to give Reiki treatments to both yourself and others
  • Begin to heal your own physical and emotional issues
  • Receive on-going support and guidance from your teacher
  • learn how to meditate
  • Practice how to give and receive a treatment
  • History of reiki
  • How to treat yourself and animals
  • The principals of Reiki

After you have completed Reiki 1 you then receive a certificate that will enable you to safely practice it in your treatments. If you do not have a practice it does not matter but worth considering setting up a business in this subject. You can practice it on your friends, family, animals or self-treatments for yourself.

REIKI TWO (What to expect) Recommended after 3-6 mnts from taking the First degree- one day course
This course is designed for those that have already taken their level one. You will learn how to send some distant healing and strengthening the healing ability’s that you have gained. By doing level 2 you are gaining further knowledge and insight into the potential that reiki has to offer you will learn 3 of the 5 symbols in this section and remember there are traditionally 5 symbols taught in which you will learn all 5 in reiki 3, you will then be able to successfully become a teacher.
Traditionally there is only one attunment for Reiki two and is only a one day course.

  • Enrich your understanding and practice of Usui Reiki Ryoho
  • Deepen your own personal healing process
  • Learn to work with Reiki symbols (shirushi) and mantras (jumon)
  • Learn how to send distance healing with Reiki
  • Learn new techniques for meditation, relaxation and self-healing
  • Become more confident in treating others
  • Receive guidance in working as a professional Reiki therapist
  • Receive ongoing help and support from your teacher
  • Introduction to the three Reiki symbols.
  • Information on each symbols and there meanings
  • Working with Absent and Distant healing
  • alternative ways of treatments,
  • Information on Chi
  • Lots of time to practice each of the symbols.

REIKI 3 (What to expect)  Recommended to take after a year to three years after the second degree
TEACHERS/MASATERS LEVEL(So you can teach others and learn all 5 symbols and completion)- 2 day course
Reiki 3 will enable you to teach and become a master at Reiki. You will learn the last 2 symbols and have the reassurance that you are well on your way to a good career and helping others.
Traditionally there are three attunments given in Reiki Three. This can be done in one day but I usually feel that 2 days is adequate and to also space the attunments out. Also if people have not done there Reiki one and two with you it gives them more of a chance to recap on things that may not be fully understood. Also it is the perfect way and a chance to feel confidence in what you are doing.
How to Perform the symbols and being taught the two last symbols that was not covered in Reiki two as this will be very important as a teacher.
Course material


  • Enrich your understanding and practice of Usui Reiki Ryoho
  • Deepen your own personal healing process
  • Expand your knowledge of shirushi (symbols) and jumon (mantras)
  • Become more confident in treating others
  • Learn how to perform attunements
  • Receive guidance in ethics for a Reiki Teacher
  • Receive certification permitting you to initiate and teach all levels of Usui Reiki Ryoho
  • Receive advice on professional teaching and practice
  • Receive on-going help and support from your own teacher
  • Introduction on reiki three.
  • Recap on things you may not have understood from Reiki one and two.
  • Masters symbols
  • Attunement procedure for Reiki one
  • Attunement procedure for Reiki Two
  • Attunement procedure for Reiki three masters/ Teacher
  • Attunement practice for each symbol
  • Origins for each of the symbols
  • Discussion on the master symbol and the healing uses
  • Meditation
  • Discussions on how to produce manuals
  • Public liability insurance.

Reiki is a gift for life you can use it to heal yourself and others, it is well worth doing a 21 day cleanse and detox from your body after you do Reiki and this should be noted, it is part of the minds body and soul, a cleanse. You will feel great from this and really will love the benefits and see from your own eyes the true meanings and what reiki is about.
You will be asked to write notes on your experiences within this 21 days and after the 21 days I would like you to write a testament on how you feel and what you have learnt.
Please remember I am here to support you with the journey and yourself progression. so please contact me by phone or email should you have any questions.