Sartorius Muscle How to stretch

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The muscle helps flex, abduct, and rotate the hip. It helps with the knee’s flexion. The femoral artery supplies oxygen-rich blood to the muscle. It is innervated by the femoral nerve as well as the intermediate cutaneous nerve of the thigh. The longest Muscle.

As with all my videos hold each stretch for 30-60 seconds. Just showing the movements of the exercises.


want good skin

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Here is a couple of drinks I have tried not only are they good for your skin they are also good for your muscles especially the celery.


Enjoy ….

Juice recipe

Spinach, carrots blueberries celery, green boost powder


smoothie recipe


5 tips for keeping calm

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If you’ve been feeling stressed, anxious, depressed, or overwhelmed in the last few months, you’re not alone. The coronavirus epidemic has had a massive impact on our daily lives and it’s any wonder we’re able to get out of bed and dressed in the morning at all. (If you did, great job!)

While we may not be able to control how long the situation lasts or when our lives will return to normal, we can take steps to protect our own mental wellbeing. Take a break from social media and the news, and use some simple mindfulness exercises to stay grounded in the here and now, rather than sending your thoughts and worries spinning all over the globe.

We talked to Cassie Kang, a Mindfulness Coach who shared some quick and easy tips for staying centered and how to manage stress and anxiety during difficult moments.


Our respiratory system is the only automatic system in our body that we can bring under conscious control, and this can be a powerful tool to calm yourself down during tough times. “We tend to forget to breathe deeply especially when we feel stressed and anxious,” says Kang. “Simply bringing your attention to the fact that you are breathing in this very moment helps a lot. Simply focusing on the sensation of your breath coming in and out can calm your mind down in no time.”

Make a mindfulness “first-aid kit”

Kang suggests employing the five senses to make an emergency kit for moments that you are feeling anxious or overwhelmed – similar to methods that are utilized to treat panic attacks. “This is very easy to prepare, you could get a picture that was taken at a great moment in time (for the eyes), a favorite scent or perfume (for the nose), perhaps a teddy bear that has the softest texture (for touch), maybe something really tasty and makes you very happy (for taste), and lastly, something your for your ears – maybe a piece of music that brings back memories of a special happy time.”

Use positive affirmations

Take some inspiration from Gloria “I Will Survive” Gaynor, and create your own personal positive affirmation. “Any positive affirmation that speaks to you works,” says Kang. “My favorite is ‘I am strong and I can handle anything that comes my way’ and ‘I am enough.’” Write it down on a bit of paper or as a note on your phone (or even save it as your screen background), keep it nearby, and consult it any time you need some support.

Express your feelings mindfully

Many of us have a tendency to push away negative feelings like anxiety and unhappiness but Kang says that it is important allow these feelings to run their course. “Feelings and emotions should not be repressed. I recommend expressing your feelings mindfully during challenging times, for example by journaling. Just writing down whatever comes to your mind in the moment without any judgment can be a very powerfully healing exercise.”

Stay connected with loved ones

Making and maintaining a support system during this time is essential. “Try to stay connected with friends and family even if you are not able to meet in person; use technology, be creative, and have fun.” As the coronavirus spreads around the world, you may also find yourself providing much-needed support to family and friends who are only now beginning to face some of the challenges that we have been dealing with for several weeks here in Beijing. Lean on one another, and don’t hesitate to ask for help.

Gift vouchers

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I have had a lot of emails asking me if I am doing gift certificates for when this is all over the answer is yes I am.

Choose for peoples birthdays,anniversary, just because you wanna show someone you care for them. What ever the occassion choose A Healing Touch.


Lower back pain

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Today we are talking about lower back pain.
What causes it?
How you can prevent it?

Why should you drink water and how much?
People are under the misconseption that you should drink 2 ltrs of water a day. You would be surprises to know that it is actually 3 ltrs.
What that will make me go for a pee constantly, i hear you say. Yes to start off with it will this is normal.
However give it some time and your body will soon adjust.
Why do i say 3 litre for?
Well because the body can become inflammed and go into fight or flight mode water helps keep the muscles hydrated. Also is great for the skin not drinking enough can give you wrinkles due to the flexibility in the skin tone.
If you have a cat then usually the vet tests to see if it has drunk enough water is to pinch it’s skin and it is the same with humans. If it springs back quickly you are hydrated if it don’t then you are dehydrated.

Are heads weight is 10 to 11 pounds and our brains are about 3 pounds. So you think about everytime you are looking down. At your phone extra pressure is put on your neck which also can hurt the lower back.

Sitting down
Our bodys are not designed to sit down for long periods of time.
You are at risk of DIABETES due to the fact sitting may change the way your body reacts to insulin, the hormone that helps it burn sugar and carbs for energy.
OSTEOPROSIS due to the weight gain and being stuck the body needs to move to be lubricated.
PELVIS and HIPS it can twist your hips like when you sit ceoss legged
WEIGHT GAIN we need to be active we need to move.
DEPRESSION _ due to inactivity a 15 min walk is needed to boost the endorphines found in the body

If you are sitting down you should be every 30 mins moving and ideally be doing pelvis tilts.

Morning why do i feel stiff
Lack of exercise and movement
Poor posture if you are a face down sleeper then you are putting pressure on your neck and lower back, if you can’t sleep anyway else then rolled up towel under the feet and cushion under the brest bone with the head have a neck cushion with a hole in it.
If you arr a side sleeper place a cushion under one arm and place a pillow inbetween the knees and one at the back of you to stop you rolling
If you are a back sleeper then put a cushion slightly under your bum and under knees.