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On the fourth day of Christmas…

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On the fourth day of Christmas, A Healing Touch gave to me….On the fourth day of Christmas

  • Book a pamper party for 6 person and you get the 6 person absolutely free! Yes, you read that correctly, you book a party for 6 people to get pampered and you only pay for 5.

Pamper Parties will take place whenever is convenient for you. However we would recommend getting in touch to check on availability for your party.

The Fourth Day of Christmas offer is valid for mobile pamper parties. A Healing Touch will be bring the relaxation to you, so you and your friend can have fun and enjoy a glass of bubbles or two!

Our Pamper Parties are the perfect way to celebrate a birthday, engagement, hen night or just you and your friends getting together.  Treatments to choose from include:

  • Mini Manicures
  • Mini Pedicures
  • Mini Facials
  • Mini massages

We do have some availability before we close for Christmas (we are closed Christmas Day and Boxing Day) and also between the Christmas and the New Year. If you think you need a girly get together during the Christmas period then get in touch to book your appointment!

How to book this offer:

  • Upon booking please mention the Fourth Day of Christmas offer.
  • Payment for 5 persons full price will need to be made to get the sixth person free.
  • Payment for treatments can be taken on the day the treatment is taken.
  • You can book the appointments

To ensure that you do not miss the 12 days of Christmas offers or any future offers from A Healing Touch we recommend you follow us on Facebook where we will be regularly be posting different offers and specials!

Please note this offer is only valid for bookings made on the 15th December 2019.


Salon Massage vs Clinical Massage

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Salon Massage vs Clinical Massage

Choosing the best option for you and your body


 Thinking about treating yourself to a massage and unsure on where to go to get it? Let’s set the scene – imagine yourself relaxing on a desert island whilst having fragrant oils massaged into your back – that is what you can expect if you opt for what is referred to as a ‘spa’ or ‘salon’ massage treatment.


In recent years, the introduction of a ‘clinical’ or ‘medical’ massage treatment has been available for those who suffer with direct health problems relating primarily to areas of the back, neck and shoulders.


Now, let’s take a look at the key aspects you should explore before making your decision, from the environment, the treatment options available, key benefits and perhaps most importantly the outcome of a massage treatment at each establishment.


  1. Environment



 Salon or spa – More often than not, the massage therapist will be ultimately focused on creating an atmosphere of relaxation, comfort and luxury through soothing music, essential oils and dimmed lighting. They will also adhere their professional technique to the pressure which works for each individual.


Chiropractic Clinic – This could be seen as more or less, the complete opposite! The chiropractor will usually begin with an intro into what you feel your problem areas are, how best they feel they can treat you, all accompanied with bright lighting, in a ‘doctors surgery’ type room.



  1. Treatment Options



Salon or Spa – A massage therapist will be aware of exactly the type of treatment you would like upon arrival and will ask that you fill out a disclaimer to ensure they are aware of any prominent areas of focus you would like to be worked on and any medical issues you may have. Popular treatment options include; the standard ‘back, neck & shoulder’ massage, indian head massage, aromatherapy and thai massage.


Chiropractic Clinic – Treatments delivered by a chiropractor will be heavily focused on helping to ease pain and discomfort with a clear, set-out plan which may require up to ten separate sessions. Many individuals who play a lot of high-energy sports, have recently had a vehicular accident or are suffering with a particular pain in their upper or lower back, are the most frequent visitors to this type of clinic.


 3-Key differences and benefits


Salon or Spa Massage Medical Massage
Focused on soothing tired, aching muscles Treatment is directed towards a particular problem area
Usually lasts 30-60 minutes May last up to 1 hour
Low/dim lighting with fragrant candles Bright lighting in a clinical setting
One-off sessions are more popular Multiple sessions will be recommended depending on problem area
Results may be more noticeable after your treatment has finished Results are often measurable
Relaxed, welcoming and inviting environment Clean, white (doctors surgery) type treatment rooms
Therapist is focused purely on client satisfaction through providing a treatment which will improve various physical and psychological health issues Payment amount will usually be measured ‘per session’




  1. Outcome


 Salon or Spa – 3 words for you – relaxed, revitalized and refreshed!


If the recipient feels all of the above, the therapist has achieved their own end result and will rely on a positive testimonial/referral to entice others to enjoy a treatment with them. In addition, it is known that many types of salon massage treatments can help with various health issues including; stress and anxiety, IBS, blood circulation and more. You can see a full list of potential benefits here.


Chiropractic Clinic – Focused on measurable outcomes and overall results, the chiropractic will base all their treatments around treating a particular medical problem.


Let’s hope this post has given you all the necessary information to make an informed decision about where to go for your next massage treatment!




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Tracy Greaves, A Healing Touch is a fully-qualified, massage therapist with 10+ years of experience within the industry. Tracy is based in Horley, Surrey but also offers mobile appointments to clients in Crawley, Gatwick and other surrounding areas within a 30-mile radius.

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