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The best treatment for hair would be to treat yourself to a relaxing Indian Head massage.

Not only does it deal with the arms, shoulders, neck, back and head it also works on stimulating the face and melting away tension from temple points.

Indian head helps stimulate blood flow and eliminates toxins and waste.

Oils are also used during treatment to help with dandruff, psoriasis, and can help with the hair growth. Most of our tension is carried around the neck and shoulders region. So go on treat yourself to this relaxing experience.

Shampoos and conditioner should only be used no more then two times a week, no matter what the bottles say!.

We should for the rest of the week wash with only water or best not at all. By washing more often it strips your hair of the natural oils. The oils work as a protective barrier that keeps our hair healthy. Your hair would look and smell greasy in the first week and if you wash your hair the week after and keep it to weekly shampoos your natural oils would not smell in that second week and is much kinder to your scalp and it naturally conditions preventing breakage.

I would recommend that you do an essential oil treatment at least once a week and leave on hair over night, Cider vinegar rinses the oils out or shampoo before wetting or using talc before rinsing.

When choosing a shampoo try to choose ones that are herbal.

After you have washed your hair try to avoid using heat products such as hair dryers and straighteners. Leave to dry naturally in a towel never wring your hair. Allow to dry naturally and use a comb not a brush when wet. Hair is stretched when wet and is very easy to break.

Here are some remedies that you can do for your self in the comfort of your own home.
For greasy hair – Clary sage and Lemon grass

For dry / damaged hair – Ylang ylang, Rosewood

For normal hair – Lavender or Rosemary

For light hair – Lavender or Lemon

For dark hair – Sandalwood, Patchouli

For growth – Juniper or Rosemary

For itchy scalp – Cedarwood or Lavender

For dandruff – Patchouli or tea tree
If you have dandruff or itchy scalp you could try using live yoghurt as a conditioner or using it to nourish and put moisture back into your hair.

Leave this on for 10 minutes and then just rinse out. You can use thyme, sage plus 2 tbsp vinegar or lemon juice optional but worth it.

Don’t forget that if you are using oils never use them neat as this could burn your scalp and cause more irritation. So please be cautious as they are unique and very powerful. Always ask your practitioner.

The best 5 base oils:
Sesame oil
Reduces muscular pains, stiffness and strengthens and moistures the skin. Delays the greying process of the hair. Is a balancing oil, used in the summer.

Mustard oil
Has a warming sensation, increases heat which relives pains, swelling and stiff muscles. Cleanses the blood. Best to use in the winter for those winter blues.

Olive oil
Good cooking oil, increases body heat and reduces swelling.

Almond Oil
Reduces pain and stiffness, Promotes healthy hair. Be careful if you are allergic to nuts.

Coconut oil
Lovely aroma, used in the spring. It moistures the skin and encourages healthy hair. Liquefy in some hot water for a few minutes before use.