The Skin

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The skin is the largest part of the body. It is vital to our body’s.

There are many ways that we can keep it healthy. But when we are ill this shows up through our skins by being pale, dull, shadows under the eyes, spotty and we generally have poor skin tone that might appear red or yellow.

This means the insides of our body’s are not happy either.

Gray or Dull Skin
May indicate a build up of toxins in the body. Perhaps due to excess smoking and drinking. Which both create dehydration. So if you want beautiful skin then you should give up now.


Oily Skin
This could be due to your diet containing fat especially the saturated fat that should be below 4g.Increase carbohydrates, fruit and veg.


  • Might indicate food allergies of some kind. Your body is trying to eliminate toxins but can’t. Try and change your diet.
  • If you are tired you may need more water or your body maybe lacking iron.
  • You could try taking a zinc supplement or foods that contain it.
  • Make sure that you do the 3 golden rules of cleansing, moisture, and toning.
  • Always moisture the whole body after a bath use ex foliation such as sea salt and non fragrance soaps and shampoo’s for eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis conditions to the whole body.

There are many natural products and oils that you can use that are usually so much more beneficial to your health and maintenance to your skin.

To have nice skin you must remember the key things for the skin is

  • Massage
  • Vitamins / minerals
  • A good diet a Mediterranean diet is best.
  • Fresh fruit and veg, nuts and water.
  • Exercise
  • I recommend that you do a steamer for your face. Using hot water in a bowl using a towel. Perhaps you could try some essential oils which also absorbs into the skin and works on the nervous system, releasing and absorbing via the blood stream which then works on the inside of the body. Do this once a week to help unblock pores.
  • Face packs once a week such as banana and honey is good for the skin. Leaving that on for 15-30 minutes, helping hydrate the skin.
  • Natural yoghurt just 10 minutes helps hydrated the skin. It is used for sun burnt skin. *Do not let it dry the moment it does it will be painful to wash of.
  • Flour and sea salt helps ex foliate the skin.
  • Witch hazel and sugar are great for the skin.
  • Do you have an aloe vera plant?. if not it can be found in a gel format in chemists, most supermarkets or health shops. Aloe has many antiseptic quality’s and is great for sunburn skin and skin complaints. Acts as a great moisture to the skin

Lavender oil – Great for burned skin and herpes conditions, is relaxing.

Tea tree oil – for spots.

Jo jo ba oil – Is good for all skin types great for psoriasis, dandruff, dermatitis

Mandarin – Cellulite

Lemon oil – Has antioxidant properties

There are many oils you can use for the skin and you should make sure that any aromatherapy oils you use should be in a base oil such as sunflower, olive, almond, coconut, grape seed, omega 3 and plenty more. The base oils itself has beneficial property’s within them and used for different skin types.

The following can be used in either fruits or oil formation.
Apricot, cucumber, eucalyptus and lemon.
cleanser recipe for oily skin
2 heaped tbsp of chopped lemon peel,sage,mint,eucalyptus and whole milk ½ cup,  strain and push excess out with spoon and apply with cotton wool. Remove with water
Relax for a while with cucumber over the eyes to reduce puffy ness or try camomile teabags which work to reduce swelling and relaxation of green tea works as a antioxidant.

Almond, peach, orange.
cleanser recipe for normal skin
boil water, leave it to cool, strain 2 tsps of rosemary,camomile and nettles. Apply tea with cotton wool.

Rose, potato’s, papaya, grape, avocado, banana, carrots.
Cleanser recipe for dry dull skin
12tsp sugar,2 tbsp rosewater, 1 tbsp of oatmeal , 1 tsp of honey. Mix all together. This ex foliates and removes dead skin cells that are causing your skin to dry.

Sea salt is great for combination skin.

Sugar is great for spotty skin.

Honey is great for ageing skin and skin that has dehydration.

There are so many products and daily ingredients that you can use and find around your home.

Many things you can do to keep the body happy and you will notice the benefits through your skin, which will also thank you for all your hard work and effort that you have made.

Natural products including vitamins, food, oils you use on your food are good to use.

I would personally stay clear of all these expensive products that you see in the shops, that can be harsh and damaging to your skin.

If most ingredients are stored in the fridge they can last for up to 3-6 weeks.