The Trapezius

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This muscle can be responsible for giving you headaches, problems moving the shoulders, arms and can be felt in the chest.

Often when working on the lower part of the shoulders people will say “god I can really feel that in my neck ?”

as you will see by the diagram this muscle does go up into the neck.

How to relive this muscle

  • Do shoulder shrugs – Pull shoulders towards the ears and relies on the out breath 10x
  • get a massage DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE
  • Cold compress (bag of peas or ice block) for 10-15 mins every 2 hours like with any pain follow by heat at nighttime for as long as you want . If you have arthritis in the neck then use heat only
  • pull neck down towards the chest hold for 15 seconds
  • neck into the armpit (repeat on both sides) place hand opposite side that your leaning on hold for 15 seconds repeat 3 x
  • Roll shoulders gently back 10 x
  • clasp hands behind back hold for 15 seconds
  • Massage with a tennis ball when find a painful knot it will feel like a bruise hold ball for 90 seconds until you feel it relies